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V&A Friday Lates - Free to Attend (Museum + Pub)

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Andrew Christopher D.
V&A Friday Lates - Free to Attend (Museum + Pub)


V & A Friday Lates celebrate all aspects of contemporary visual culture and design, bringing audiences face-to-face with emerging artists.

The V&A is one of the world's leading museums of art and design, and is home to a permanent collection of 2.3 million objects & 5,000 years of history!
Friday Lates bring you works of art from around the world, a rich diversity of culture and some of the best architecture & design in London, at their late-night openings!
Visit one of London's stylish venues, & join the group for drinks at a nearby bar to discuss exhibits on display, & the Museums collection.
The event is free to attend.
7.00 :
Group meets to attend the V&A Late.
9-12 :
We progress to a nearby pub/bar.
Being in one of London's trendiest spots, Kensington pubs & bars are just a stone's throw away. Get to know one another, discuss the exhibits on display & socialise further with London's Culture Seekers, Artisans & Bohemians at this weeks Museum late!
7.00 :
We meet just inside the entrance to the V&A. (SEE PHOTOS SECTION BELOW.)
Keep an eye on the photos section below which will be updated on the day of the event with pictures of the meeting location.
Keep an eye on comments. My number will be displayed on the evening of events.
7.00 :
If you are a few minutes late, don't worry, the group will remain at the meeting point, being introduced to one another, while we wait for everyone to arrive.
Here we introduce, make acquaintances, and choose which events to head off to.
Extra Info :
Keep an eye on the comments. I will post our new location every time we move to a new area in the Museum.
My number will be displayed in the comments section, on the evening of events.

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London Arts & Culture Group
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