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British Museum Friday Lates - Free to Attend (Gallery + Pub)

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Andrew Christopher D.
British Museum Friday Lates - Free to Attend (Gallery + Pub)


Friday evenings at the British Museum are an occasion for a wide range of events, including lectures, discussions, film screenings, special music and dance performances, many of which are related to current exhibitions.
The British Museum's collection spans two million years, and includes cultural and historical exhibits from around the world.
7 :
Group meets to attend British Museum's monthly Late.
9-12 :
The group progress to a nearby bar.
Being in London's Russel Square, local bars benefit from the energy, intrigue and dynamism that comes with the Central location - with a scholarly feel, - thrown in for effect!
Get to know London's Bohemians, culture seekers, & artisans as we discuss the art and culture on display at the museum.
7.00 :
We meet just inside the large white "dome room," (See photos section) which is easy to spot when you enter the Museum, (from Great Russell Street.)
If entering from the front entrance, at Great Russell Street, go through baggage check & pass through an entrance hall. You will arrive in a very large, white dome shaped room.
The meeting point is just to the right, near the information desk
/// (If you enter through the back entrance @ "Montague Place," make your way towards the centre of the Museum.) ///
Keep an eye on comments. My number will be displayed on the evening of events.
7.15 :
If you are a few minutes late, don't worry, the group will remain at the meeting point, being introduced to one another, while we wait for everyone to arrive.
Here we introduce, make acquaintances, and choose which events to head off to.
Extra Info :
I post our new location every time we move to a new area in the Museum so keep an eye on the comments section through the evening!
My number will be displayed in the comments section below, which you can call on message on the evening of events.

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London Arts & Culture Group
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