10 Year Anniversary Party & Celebrate Bi day!

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We're 10 years old this month! Come celebrate our Birthday & Bi Visibility Day (23 Sep), meet lots of members new and old, and eat cake[*]. With a bi-themed raffle prize draw, a competition with more prizes, and maybe a few surprises to help celebrate our decade of supporting bisexual people (or pansexual or however you identify), the bicurious, and allies - partners/friends etc.

Tonight runs as per our regular pub social on the 4th Thursday every month, so is great for new members: very friendly, happy, relaxed atmosphere, definitely social, fun, and happy; not meat-market. Come say hi (or we will)!

This also comes soon after Bi Visibility day (http://www.bivisibilityday.com/) on 23 September, which means more events going on, more media attention, more people finding and joining us - should be a bumper turnout, and bi awareness goes up. I can explain more about this day - just ask (its an informal night).

Prizes, I said? Yes! Check out the "10 and Win (https://www.meetup.com/london-bisexuals/events/240042522/)" event (actually part of this evening, not a separate event; if you RSVP here you shouldn't need to RSVP there as long as you come) for details of the raffle and separate competition (no entries yet - you could win with minimal effort!). Be here well before 9pm to avoid missing out. Bring bi-theme decorated cake/cupcakes if you like baking!

This is our biggest regular event with 40-50 of you or more (probably quite a few more this month), always a good mix of regulars and first-timers (roughly half and half), and fair-ish gender balance (not too far off 50/50, men/women; trans & non-binary people welcome and accepted too). Always a lot of new faces every time, nearly all of whom came on their own (just a few couples/+1s) which keeps it fresh and friendly to all - regulars chat to new folk. You won't be the only new person (by a long way). If you turn up after the start and it looks like everyone already knows everyone - it only seems like that; its just how friendly we are. Join in! (or find me and I'll help, if I haven't spotted and welcomed you already - ask someone if you don't recognise me from my photo, but most do). You won't get stared at coming in late as quite a few also come/go through the evening.

Shy? What (else) to expect...

I can introduce you to new/regular people from the group and get the conversation started - just ask! Come find me when you get here, I always look out for new members to introduce myself. People come and go through the whole evening so arriving late is fine - and though it might seem like everyone already knows each other later on, most of them just met so don't let that un-nerve you. Expect a normal bar sort of mood, atmosphere, and chat levels - sometimes bi-related, often not. To get a better idea (though reviews for other venues), read some past-event comments or the group reviews (http://meetup.com/london-bisexuals/about/comments/?op=all).

Tell the venue you're there for John G's meetup group if any problems getting in - check Brewer St. entrance, the room upstairs is for us so tell them you're with my booking (or name the group). Bring photo ID if you've been asked for it elsewhere recently or might expect to be. If it gets super busy we might need to overflow to downstairs.

Why not follow us on twitter (londonbi (http://twitter.com/londonbi)), and our facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/pages/London-Bisexuals-Meetup-Group/148365155200607) (meetup site/app/email best for events, twitter for wider community news, events, and discussion).

[*] many bisexuals love having & eating their cake, of course (fun poke at stereotypes LOL)