Through the years bar crawl (& Bi Visibility Day)

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15 people went

Tiger Tiger

29 The Haymarket · London

How to find us

Upstairs, hopefully, for all bars - where we used to be! (TigerTiger-2nd floor maybe); or watch comments here/ask which bar we're at - mobile no. can be messaged to you on request (via meetup message). Will comment to say once we move

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Celebrate Bi Visibility day (this day), with a purple weekend afternoon stumble through our 10 years of bar history!

Take a trip down memory lane and revisit our group's haunts over the years, chronologically, as a classic pub crawl through Soho on a Saturday afternoon. You're invited to wear purple (& pink/blue too if you like) for Bi Visibility day if you can (and help us see each other in the crowds)!

Also an early opportunity to celebrate our 10th birthday, though without the extra cake/prizes fun of the next Thursday (28th)'s party (

The group was formed 3 Sept, with our first meet on 27th, and we've changed venue a number of times over the years. So, we shall be working our way as far as we can through them, allowing about an hour or so per venue (rough estimate, times subject to slip); note the venue names below link to meetup location details...

~4pm: Tiger Tig (,-0.1347508,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x487604d3d47bece3:0xab0a840b47e6a1cf!8m2!3d51.5096262!4d-0.1325621)er (,-0.1347508,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x487604d3d47bece3:0xab0a840b47e6a1cf!8m2!3d51.5096262!4d-0.1325621) (venue website ( - not such a great place to start out perhaps, but for nostalgia sake this was where Matthew (original founder of the group) ran the first event ( or two. There were 5 members attended the first ever event! Can we can beat that this time?! Lets not stay here too long as the night's journey promises better things, but allow time for late arrivals to find us. It might be hard for others to get in if we started much later. Therefore I suggest small orders at the bar or just hydration for later, as we'll probably leave ~ 4.45 or even earlier to allow time to get to....

~5pm: Waxy's Little Sister ( (venue website ( - this sister bar to Waxy O'Connor's - just up the road from it, a 10-minute walk from Tiger, has some unusual features. We met upstairs here for a couple of years (from December '07), our longest-standing members may remember the long thin space that couldn't really cope with more than 10-15 people in one group. Outgrowing it, we moved on to (thanks to Ryan's suggestion)...

~6pm: The O Bar (,-0.1355657,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x487604d30af84533:0x2bf2438af29a4a4!8m2!3d51.512518!4d-0.133377) (venue website ( - or earlier if our group gets too big for Waxy's - the longest serving venue, since June '10, as we started growing in size and needing more space. Just a few minutes walk from Waxy's. First we used upstairs with seats and deep sofas (which became just seats after refurbishment) - which is where we'll aim to be, then downstairs in the basement (many of you will remember one or both of these areas, we expect the basement to be shut until later tonight though). They also do food ( etc.) if you're feeling hungry by now. At the end of 2016 a change of bar management meant moving on to right next door...

~[masked]pm: The Village (,-0.1354928,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x487604d30a5baa7b:0x3bd814446524047a!8m2!3d51.5124661!4d-0.1333041) (venue website ( - our current regular monthly social meet bar since November 2016, next door to O Bar so if you're late and unsure where we are, or choose to eat at O Bar, its not far if you get it wrong first time / need to catch us up later. Lets hope by the time we reach here (if we make it that far) that they'll let a group of our size and intoxication in! I haven't booked the upstairs room so we'll have to check for space there; if none, we'll be on the ground floor, probably the Brewer Street entrance side. If we need a backup plan we'll choose a bar near by (perhaps another one we've used for one-offs, Ku Bar could be a possibility, or Freedom, but look for comments/text or call to ask).

Wherever we are, look out for purple, the group(or meetup) logo. Mascots, party hats etc. welcome, please drink responsibly (so you can get into the next bar/not cause problems for the group)! Note: Times given are rough estimates, and may slip to later...