London Bisexuals Monthly Pub Social

Every 4th Thursday of the month

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Our regular pub social on the 4th Thursday every month. Great for new members; very friendly, relaxed atmosphere, definitely social, fun, and happy; not meat-market, just chat and optional drinks. Come say hi (or we will)!

This is our biggest regular event with ~40 of you or more, always a good mix of regulars and first-timers (roughly half and half), genders (near 50/50 split of men/women, trans & non-binary welcome too), and almost always a good number of non-white ethnicities too (aka. BME/POC).

Always a lot of new faces every time, nearly all of whom came on their own (with a few couples/+1s) which keeps it fresh and friendly to all - regulars chat to new folk. You won't be the only new person (by a long way) so you shouldn't feel left out. If you turn up after the start and it looks like everyone already knows everyone - it only seems like that; its just how friendly we are. Join in! (or find me and I'll help, if I haven't spotted and welcomed you already - ask someone if you don't recognise me from my photo, but most do). You won't get stared at coming in late as quite a few also come/go through the evening. We're here til v.late, so don't give up if you can't make it for the start or even soon after, but cheapest drinks/the most people are there before 9pm.

Like last month, we're at Village this time - upstairs. Its right next to Residence (previously named "O Bar", where we used to meet). Look for myself, John (the organiser) - 6' tall, long dark-blonde hair, see my profile picture. Our logo should be on tables/around and either at the bottom of the stairs or visible on the way up to confirm you're in the right place (though I occasionally forget, or if you're really early it might not be up yet).

Shy? Or what to expect...

I can introduce you to new/regular people from the group and get the conversation started - just ask! Come find me when you get here, I always look out for new members to introduce myself. People come and go through the whole evening so arriving late is fine - and though it might seem like everyone already knows each other later on, most of them just met so don't let that un-nerve you. Expect a normal bar sort of mood, atmosphere, and chat levels - sometimes bi-related, often not. Music is only from the club/bar downstairs, not too intrusive - especially earlier on. You can dance there later on if you like. Cocktails/lagers/wine/soft drinks not ales, and there's cheaper happy-hour drinks until 9pm - get there early to take advantage (if you drink alcohol)! To get a better idea of the atmosphere, read some past-event comments or the glowing group reviews ( (bear in mind new venue since November 2016).

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No lifts. Many cubicle toilets in basement, no urinal. Stools and cushioned benches with backs upstairs in our space.

Finding Village (

The Village is at 81 Wardour St, opposite the end of Old Compton St. furthest from Charing Cross Rd and Leicester Square tube - the nearest tube. Or Piccadilly Circus, or further from Trafalgar Square / Charing Cross. I'm easily recognisable from my profile photo (6' tall, slim, even longer hair). We reserve space from 6.30/7pm, wait downstairs if you're too early. We're there til at least 11pm (usually a smaller group til midnight-ish), sometimes til much later when the bar closes (or maybe having gone elsewhere for full-on clubbing if enough of us fancy it). One half of downstairs (one bar each) becomes a dance floor later on (10.30ish) with a DJ and dancing buff semi-naked men on poles. The other entrance remains quieter and its easy to avoid them if you prefer (Brewer Street entrance, other side of Residence bar, round the corner).