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Bi Coffee [other group]

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Hot Bi Beverages! The Bi Coffee group (a separate group) meets at 3–6.30pm on the first Saturday of every month and is back to in-person meets at the previously-regular cafe in central London.

The venue: Leon, Spitalfields Market.

Vicki will try to connect anyone who wants to join virtually while there, the online meet link may well be posted here (check comments).

Vicki is running Bi Coffee each month, there will be a selection of bi leaflets on the table. You should find them usually on the tables on the left as you come in. Come and go as you please. Respect each other. Newcomers and quiet people are most welcome. There are regulars from outside our group (but in the general London bi community) so even if there's no-one else listed from here you'll be in a friendly and safe group.

But do please note this is a separate group from our meetup group and for most reliable updates check out the facebook page. Its run enthusiastically by upstanding bi community member(s) and heartily recommended if more relaxed and quiet hanging out in a café is more your thing. There's also a page here ( (a little out of date with next event date but has a photo and map)

London Bisexuals
London Bisexuals
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