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Incite! Poetry (online) - open mic [other group]

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Incite! has been a popular queer poetry evening running since September 2010. It's run by the Camden & Islington Forum+ charity and hosted by Hannah Chutzpah. Currently running online, usually on the third Wednesday monthly via Zoom (with occasional in-person events throughout the year; but please check Facebook/message them for latest updates). August 2022 is online via Zoom.

Performance poet Hannah Chutzpah (TBC) will host an evening of poetry and spoken word performances via Zoom with a stellar open mic line up and a headline set from a special guest (TBD).

Incite! is London’s longest running LGBTQ+ poetry event and open mic slots are available by reservation (5 minutes max) to share your own poetry, music, stand up, or whatever else moves you - open mic slots are reserved for us queers. Read the FAQ below for how to get in on the open-mic spots. Incite is free to join and is for ages 18 and above.

Tickets via Eventbrite, see their Facebook for details or follow Forum+ on Eventbrite to keep up with all their events.

⚫ Online Events:
To enter the Zoom: they use a Zoom waiting room. They'll admit people who have emailed them for a link, to avoid "zoom-bombing"/other abuse. If you haven't applied for the Zoom link by email/Facebook Messenger (see further info below).

For online events, email them at to ask for the Zoom link.

Every month features a headline poet. Details are on the facebook event details nearer the event, or by emailing to ask.

⚫ More Info:
Facebook events (for latest updates):

For more information (or apply for open-mic slot), please email

⚫ Incite! FAQs:

Q: I've got the Zoom link - can I share it with my friend?
A: Feel free to share it with trusted friends & invite them along, but please don't put the link in public spaces because trolls are a thing and we'd rather they stayed under bridges.

Q: I'm not LGBT+ but I'd like to attend & hear this great poetry. Is that allowed?
A: Yes! Absolutely. Respectful allies are extremely welcome in the audience.

Q: Can I do the open mic? How does that work?
A: We have about 8 open mic slots, 5 mins max each, which people request ahead of time. If more people sign up we can keep one or two in reserve in case someone can't make it at the last minute, etc. Open mic slots are reserved for people who are some part of the LGBTQ+ community. Email/message them directly to request a slot (John/this meetup group cannot help with that).

Q: I'm from a minority group but not LGBTQIA+ - does that count? Can I do the open mic?
A: No. Sorry. You're still very welcome in the audience, but the open mic slots in this event are reserved for queers because this is a queer space. There are plenty of other poetry nights we can recommend that aren't specifically for LGBTQ+ people.

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