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Bi Underground Monthly Pub Social [other group]

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This event, the London Bisexual Underground group meet (a separate group), is a regular monthly event on the 2nd Tuesday. Its a monthly social in a relaxed and quieter pub than our group's usual bar socials, but not far away from us, the other side of Oxford Street. Once at the pub, head upstairs, the group has Bi flyers & copies of BCN (Bi Community News magazine) on their tables.

You'll find it quieter than our event and more like a traditional pub. There are a lot of long-term regulars and people more active in the rest of the community, but its still very open to new people.

Its run by Vicki (also a member of our group if you wish to write to her and on facebook/twitter too).

London Bisexuals
London Bisexuals
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81 Newman St, W1T 3ET · London