Spring Equinox Celebration SIMPLY BEING with Ravi Ji, Michael Ormiston & Candida

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Spring Equinox Celebration

SIMPLY BEING - an evening of musical alchemy with Ravi Ji, Michael Ormiston & Candida

We are very excited to have Ravi Ji, Michael Ormiston & Candida together for a magical evening of sound and music alchemy, set in the beautiful St. Peters Church.

There will be space and freedom to move, stretch, lie down, meditate, dance and join in with the singing.

SIMPLY BEING - an evening of musical alchemy with Ravi Ji, Michael Ormiston & Candida

Saturday March 19th, 8pm (no entry after 8:30)

Cost: £20* (or £15 each if you bring a new friend who also joins our meetup group.)

(* if you attend the Tantric Trance Dance 6-8pm then you only pay another £10 )

Please bring yoga mats, loads of blankets & water bottle so that you're cozy & comfortable. We will also have tea and chocolate on sale.

The structure of the evening is quite loose, as we will all be relaxing into simply being together through Sound & Silence. but as a general guide...

- Throughout the event there will be plenty of opportunity to join in with singing and chanting.

- And as part of the evening there will be a Sound Healing Journey where you can just relax and let the sounds wash over you.

Justin (Ravi) Freeman, who plays the West African Kora and open-tuned steel string guitar, is also an accomplished throat singer.

A little taste of Ravi:


The kora comes from West Africa and is made from a calabash gourd and cowskin with fishing line for strings. It is a complex, 21-stringed instrument with an ethereal, other-worldly sound, full of subtle overtones and polyrhythms.

Ravi has developed a unique style of playing the kora, and he was one of the first Western kora players to take this instrument into new musical areas such as jazz and fusion. He has released more than 20 albums including work with Nigel Kennedy, Baaba Maal, Dr John, John Lord, Deva Premal, and many other musicians. He created the pioneering project “Neuneneu” with Brazilian legend Marlui Miranda which brought Amazon Indians on a European tour.


About Michael and Candida:

Michael Ormiston is the UK's most experienced Mongolian Khöömii (Overtone) Singer, a multi-instrumentalist, composer, inspirational teacher, workshop leader and therapeutic sound practitioner.

He travelled to west Mongolia in 1993 to study Khöömii with herdsman and expert singer Tserendavaa. During his six times in Mongolia he also studied with leading singers, Tsengedorj, Ganbold, Gereltsolt andTsogtbaatar and has the rare privilege of being blessed to teach Khöömii by Tserendavaa and Gereltsogtwhich he has been doing internationally for the past 20 years.

Candida Valentino originally trained and worked as a visual artist and costume designer for dance and opera. She then had her own sound transformation in 1991 and started working with toning, overtoning and voice work as a tool for healing.