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Our Meetup Group offers the potential to view London’s most exciting exhibitions and galleries together with like-minded people.

Powered by LondonExhibitions.co.uk, our Meetups are organised by the site’s art reviewers and occur several times a week. Our organisers usually arrange a post-exhibition coffee or drink with the group, offering a great opportunity to discuss the work you’ve just seen and to connect with other members. Using a variety of organisers with differing tastes and interests ensures there’s always a Meetup to suit your mood, from the latest at The British Museum to a pop up gallery on a hidden side street.

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Opening: Beatriz Dubois "Talk"

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The young Spanish artist Beatriz Dubois (Madrid, 1991) opens her first solo exhibition in London, "Talk", where she shows a selection of her latest works that challenge the viewer's patience when observing the final piece against immediate and massive consumption of images. The exhibition, which will take place from April 25 to June 5, 2019 in WE COLLECT London, is the third individual show of the artist and shows a score of collages of large and small format that invite to stop, recognize and reflect on the work of art against the immediate and massive consumption of current images. Made with different collage techniques, the works of Beatriz Dubois are composed of fragments of selected photographs that show the relationship between the individual and nature, a very recurrent association in her work. This combination is very familiar separately but when making the braided pattern characteristic of her works-a formal evolution with her previous work-forces the viewer to a greater contemplation. "Until now, I interspersed images, vertically and in layers, in order to propose to the viewer a search for identities. In this new work I have focused on taking a step further in terms of public involvement and the use of composition, a manipulation that demands a bigger movement of my body and an inevitable work-spectator relationship, "says the artist. Belonging to a new generation of artists with mainly visual references, Beatriz Dubois incorporates in her new work her interest in words and texts, "a need to add writings to my didactic process, reaffirming my admiration for words. Its ambiguity has been enormously attractive and powerful". The result is a series of works made with intervened texts, collages without glue, stitched papers in which literature becomes visual and reflection becomes the work itself. In addition, and unlike other pieces, they represent an almost immediate understanding. Word and image complement each other in an observation exercise that focuses on a paused intimacy with the viewer and talks about how they consume words in relation to images

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