Opening Carla Cascales "Closer than they appear"

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Artist Carla Cascales inaugurates “Closer than they appear”, a double parallel exhibition in WE COLLECT Madrid and London. She will exhibit a selection of her latest works, that dwell upon the seven main universal arguments of narrative.

She held her first solo exhibition in 2018 at WE COLLECT Madrid and since then her career has taken a 360º turn. Her work is already part of some of the most important Spanish art collections, it is represented in the USA by the Tappan Gallery in L.A. and she was selected by the AD magazine as one of the youngest talents to be considered. In the last year, Carla Cascales (Barcelona, 1989) has shown her work in institutions such as Matadero or ImagineBank of the Fundació La Caixa; She completed a nine-meter floating installation in New York's Soho and has participated in the Numeroventi residence in Florence, as well as being a finalist for the ArtsFAD awards at the Museum of Design in Barcelona.

In her new project, "Closer than they appear", Carla Cascales interprets the seven main universal arguments of the narrative. "I was deeply moved when I discovered that various experts have investigated all kinds of stories and have been able to establish that dramatic situations are constantly repeated in all cultures and times. As humans, we have always told each other the same stories, with different characters and scenarios but keeping the same essence, from the beginning of time until now, " the artist says.

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