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Groovy 2 has just been released! Get the lowdown on what's new to the language, in particular the static type checking and compilation. These two features alone will help broaden Groovy's appeal and mean that there is almost no reason now to fall back to Java. This is also a big release in the way that Groovy is now broken down into modules, so you only need to include the JARs for the things you use. Come along to find out more about this hugely significant release.

On the Grails front, we will have a new London arrival, Stéphane Maldini, discussing the work he's been doing on a standard event bus for Grails applications. This promises horizontally scalable, asynchronous Grails applications with little effort. With the gradual shift to the cloud and to rich client user interfaces, it definitely feels like the time has come for event- and message-driven architectures. You will also see how this can be transparently extended to the browser via Comet or Web Sockets.