2020 Stocks Value Investing Ideas and Themes


Hi All,

Please note that this is a different venue than usual.

This is our monthly event for those looking for value investing opportunities. Even newbies can join and learn financial concepts through immersion. If you'd like to have a look at presentations from previous sessions or for the performance of stocks discussed in our meet-ups, check here (https://www.cityfalcon.com/meetup). Please call me on my mobile [masked]) if you can't find the place.

6.30 pm - Arrivals and networking
6.50 pm - Intro, and discussion on the current hot market topics.
7.10 pm - 2020 themes and investment ideas
7.30 pm - Bitcoin gained 95% in 2019 while the Apple stock went up 89% for the same period. Just comparing returns from two asset classes is not enough. What most people don't consider is RISK. We will look at how to compare 'risk-adjusted' returns for different asset classes.
7.45 pm - Is Boeing a shorting candidate?
8.00 pm - Networking
9.00 pm - Close

To get the most out of our discussion, I’ve created some custom watchlists that you could go through before the meetup. Just click on the links below to get started.
• Themes to follow for 2020 - http://www.cityfalcon.com/watchlists/b8ce80ff-999c-4d02-8217-f9e9c2e7de52
• Stocks winners of 2019 - http://www.cityfalcon.com/watchlists/beb688c1-e50a-49f7-a15e-7bb719e2abc2
• Stocks losers of 2019 - http://www.cityfalcon.com/watchlists/5a961a01-f5f5-4103-94c1-63a4d27563f6

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Ruzbeh Bacha

Founder and CEO