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For April we now have four talks or discussions, (thanks to everybody for volunteering at short notice). The talks so far are, in no particular order :

Fernando Racca - scala in financial domain Richard Dallaway -Having a scala skills board for lsug John Watson - moving to scala with real time XML data feeds Wille Faler - on B ( Framework ( For a better description of what the talks are about then is better to looks at the comments on the event page ([masked]) as the speakers will know much better than I will

If you had already signed up for the original Russ Miles talk then there is no need to sign up at skills matter again, they already have your details and will be carried over.


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Russ Miles, who was to do next months lsug talk, has had to cancel and we hope he can do it at a latter date.
This gives us a chance to do something different for next month. If we can get three or four people to volunteer to so a short talk, this could be a lightning talk or something a bit longer say 20 mins, then we will do that in April. The subject can be anything providing it has come connection to scala, from 'This is the project I'm working on', 'I like this package', or 'this is how I solved a problem' its up to you.
If you want a short talk on something then email the group, you may be luck and somebody may know it and want that little push to do something.
Also if you can think of something else that could fit in with this format for next month, and willing to help make it work. then, again, email the group and we'll see if we can add it to the evening.
Hope that sounds interesting andy