Holden Karau, David Denton and Sofia Vaughan-Jones


We've got an amazing lineup this month with THREE speakers! We're also on the road again with ITV kindly hosting the space, so a big thank you to them.

Holden Karau: An introduction to Spark ML Pipelines

Are you tired of learning six different libraries to try and stitch together a machine learning solution? Spark ML's pipeline approach is designed to unify and simplify your machine learning tasks (from training to prediction) while presenting a (close enough to) uniform API. This talk will introduce Spark's ML pipelines and has a companion notebook for building a simple ML pipeline. If you're going to Spark Summit later on this week come join Holden & Nick for a tour of how to extend Spark ML pipelines.

David Denton: Futuristic Functions and how to Fake them

A journey story about how we re-engineered a set of high-traffic services at a major Academic Publisher to use Finagle - the Server as a Function framework from Twitter.

I'll cover the concepts behind Finagle, then how we extended the application of those concepts to develop Fintrospect.io, a typesafe routing library that sits atop it. Finally, we'll see how the combination of the 2 technologies reinvented how we implemented microservice testing strategies, and allowed the applications to be fully Continuously Deployed.

Sofia Vaughan-Jones: Adopting Scala: The Next Steps

Six months into learning Scala, I summarised my experience and delivered a talk to help others going through the same process. This covered effective learning methods, an initial list of topics, and some tips so that others could be effective quickly whilst avoiding some common mistakes. Almost two years later, I will reflect on those methods and their result, talk about how I extended my knowledge of functional programming, and explore how to introduce key concepts without feeling overwhelmed. My aim is to present the insights and challenges encountered when learning functional programming to make the experience as approachable as possible.


As always, the meetup is open from 6.30pm with pizza and drinks, and then the talks from 7pm. Thank you to eSynergySolutions for their continued sponsorship and support.