LSCC Talks #1

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Interested in taking a closer look at software design and SOLID principles? At this inaugural LSCC talk we will take a closer look at delivering value and avoiding architecture for the sake of architecture.

The event will consist of two half-hour talks and two five-minute lightning talks, followed by a trip to the pub to discuss the contents of the talks.

Evolutionary scaling, or why software architecture causes more problems than it solves

Join Lukasz Szyrmer for this thought experiment disguised as a technical talk about evolutionary scaling.

We'll cover:

• Why nature can serve as inspiration an for "optimally" adapted "architectures" to a problem domain

• How to redefine the optimal use of space when structuring systems

• Transmitting "information" effectively to produce elegant, maintainable, and functionally rich software

Twins: FP and OOP

Object-Oriented Programming has well established design principles, such as SOLID. For many developers architecture and functional programming are at odds with each other: they don’t know how their existing tricks of the trade convert into functional design. This problem becomes worse as hybrid languages such as Scala, Java 8 and Ruby become common.

Richard Warburton will talk about how functional programming helps you implement the SOLID principles, and how a functional mindset can actually help you achieve the holy grail of OO, encapsulation.

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