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Time for July's Virtual Round Table we are running it again jointly with the Munich Software Craft Community.

A nice opportunity to increase our link with developers from other regions.

We will start from 18:00 with a bit of chit-chat, at 18:15 we will have our usual introduction, at 18:20 we will be doing lightning talks (5 mins max, please), then we will proceed to select "big" topics for discussion, and divide ourselves into separate rooms to discuss those topics. Anyone remaining at 20:00 can convene back into the main room to say goodbyes.

Some additional rules for this online event:
- In general, stay unmuted, unless you have a noisy environment (Alt+A/Cmd+Shift+A for quick muting/un-muting). We have found that it helps creating a good atmosphere
- Try to use a headset or headphones with a good directional microphone. As a general rule, laptops microphone/speaker combo tend to be horrible.
- We will have one person of the organisation on each room to help moderate. Use the chat to indicate that you want to speak. The moderator will take care of giving you the turn to speak.
- Don't be afraid of using the chat for small comments while someone else is talking, but keep it in topic.
- Use the Zoom "Raise Hand" functionality

We will be raffling 2 Jetbrain Personal License.

We will be using Zoom for the event. You can use it on the web browser, after telling it like three times you don't want to use the desktop version, in case you don't want to use the desktop version.

Any question regarding the event, please drop us a message so we can provide answers.

Code of Conduct: