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Biomimicry& Fintech: Sharing Insights Between Fintech & The Natural World

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Biomimicry is an approach to innovation that seeks sustainable solutions to human challenges by emulating nature’s time-tested patterns and strategies. Now we explore what happens when principles from the natural world (animals & insects to plants & cosmology) are applied to the basic functions of financial services: protecting assets, transactions, growing assets, managing assets, accounting and risk mitigation. Talk/Workshop Format
This is part talk and part workshop and the aim is to develop new ideas by bringing together people from financial services and natural science. Although primarily a fintech audience hopefully natural scientists can learn from principles of financial services as well as those in financial services learning from principles in nature. I'm interested to find partners for collaborating on a book, or at least an article.

Biomimicry Examples:
The Bee. After a scout locates a food source 90% of the swarm head for that but 10% of them go in exactly the opposite direction to explore for new opportunities.
The Firefly. The jagged scales of fireflies amplify the light they create, increasing brightness by 55% when applied to LED lights.

Max Kalis (Influx Consulting, Innovation & Fintech Advisory Services)
Others TBC, collaborators welcome