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Day trip by train - to historic Colchester!

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Day trip by train - to historic Colchester!


Come along on Bank Holiday Monday 29th August for a day trip to historic Colchester!

About Colchester
Colchester is said to be the oldest recorded town in Britain on the grounds that it was mentioned by Roman historian Pliny the Elder who mentioned it in his work in AD 77. But before the Roman conquest of Britain it was already a centre of power for the Catuvellauni tribe.

Soon after the Roman conquest of Britain in AD 43, it served as a provincial Roman capital of Britain, but was attacked and destroyed during Boudica's rebellion in AD 61. The town walls were built in AD 65–80 to protect it against future attacks.

In the 11th century, the invading Norman's built Colchester Castle, which was built on top of the vaults of the old Roman temple to Claudius. A large part of the stone that was used to build the castle was taken from the abandoned Roman buildings in the town.

When we arrive, we will be having a guided tour of the city and also visiting the Norman castle and its Roman vaults.

Aprox itinerary
10:02am - catch train
11:04am - arrive at Colchester Station and walk to the castle
11:30am - tour of the Roman vaults and then self-guiding around the castle
1:00pm - lunch, there are lots of places to eat in Colchester or you can bring your own food
2:00pm - guided tour of the town
4:00pm - finish, freetime: head back to the station, go to a pub or coffee shop or walk around the city

Train tickets
GroupSave return tickets work out at £19.85 each (purchase on the day in groups of 3 when you turn up).

Trains going back at: 4:12pm, 4:43pm and the same times past each hour.

Entry cost to the castle & tour of the Roman vaults is £14 per person, the guided tour of the city is £7 per person (payable by cash on the day). You can decide to do both of these or just one.

Food & Drink
Its up to you whether you bring your own food or drink for the day or eat in one of the pubs or cafes in Colchester.

Please note, we only wait at the station for 10 minutes after the advertised meeting time, so please be early or on time.

If you can't see us at the station, please text.

Look out for the red & blue 'London Cultureseekers' group sign.

Hope to see you there!

07905 901 834 (prefer text)

Please make sure you are aware of the group rules here before RSVPing -

COVID-19 safety measures
Event will be indoors
- you will probably have to wear a face mask/visor in the castle (unless exempt)
- please don't just turn up, you will need to RSVP
- please respect others space when walking around
- if you have Covid symptoms or feel ill on the day, please do not attend
The event host is instituting the above safety measures for this event. Meetup is not responsible for ensuring, and will not independently verify, that these precautions are followed.
The London Cultureseekers Group
The London Cultureseekers Group
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