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Day trip by coach - Stonehenge, Avebury & Uffington White Horse! (only £24 each)

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Day trip by coach - Stonehenge, Avebury & Uffington White Horse! (only £24 each)


Come along on Saturday 25th March for a coach trip to the ancient sites of Stonehenge, Avebury and Uffington White Horse!

About the day
We are travelling by coach to visit some of England's oldest & mystical sites!

Stonehenge started to be built in 3100BC and is today one of the most famous sites in the world. At the site, I will tell you more about Stonehenge and why its there.

Options when we arrive:

  • pay to take the mini-bus down the road to view it close up (it costs £24 to do this, pay when you arrive). If you are an English Heritage or National Trust member its free to get the mini-bus.
  • The rest of us will walk the 1 mile down the road and view it from the wire fence for free (about 5 or 6 metres away).

Avebury is about 20 miles north of Stonehenge, it dates to about 2800BC and is the largest stone circle in Europe. Its free to walk on the site, which covers over 281 acres and you can even touch the stones! I will guide you round the site telling your about the stones.

Uffington White Horse
Uffington White Horse is a huge chalk drawing on the top of a hill which dates back to 900BC. It was probably a tribal symbol, as the remains of Uffington Fort lies behind it. The site is the highest point in Oxfordshire and gives stunning views across the countryside. I will tell you more about the site when we are there.

Coach seating

  • If you wish to reserve a seat on the coach in advance, after you pay please look at the seating plan in the photos and then email me ( with the seat number/s you wish to reserve. Its first come first served.
  • The seat you sit on when you board the coach is yours for the day. If you wish to change seats on the coach during the day, you will need to get permission from the individual who is seated there.

Cost is £24 per person for Full Members and £30 per person for everyone else (payable in advance when you RSVP - Full Members, just amend the amount before paying).
Please note: you won't be able to pay via the app, only the full site. You also don't need a Paypal account to pay, just a credit card.

Go here to become a Full Member -

Food & drink
Please also bring food & drink for the day, as it's very limited on buying anything at the sites we are visiting and it can be expensive.

Also, throughout the day, we will be walking about 3 miles in total around the sites, so please wear sensible shoes.

If you can't see us on Tothill Street, please text.

Please note, we only wait for 10 minutes after the advertised meeting time, so please be early or on time. The coach has to leave at a specific time.

Look out for the red and blue 'London Cultureseekers' group sign.

Hope to see you there!

07905 901 834 (prefer text)

Please make sure you are aware of the group rules here before RSVPing -

The London Cultureseekers Group
The London Cultureseekers Group
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