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Anyone who has suffered from prolonged acne knows how debilitating this skin condition can be. Contrary to popular belief, acne is a condition that commonly affects people of ALL ages, not just teens - if you are suffering from it, you are not alone!

I personally struggled with acne for over 3 years. I tried all the skincare products and solutions under the sun before recently learning through A LOT of research that a healthier diet and lifestyle is the only truly sustainable way to cure acne, and that a good skincare routine only takes you so far (check out my MeetUp profile and insta @acnehealthy for more details on my acne journey and ongoing recovery).

Through my journey, I also realised a few more things:

There is a real lack of knowledge surrounding the true causes of acne There is a real lack of awareness about the role of diet in causing and curing acne. It is probably the most important factor but it isn’t even standard practice for dermatologists to acknowledge that diet plays any part in acne There is a real lack of in-person support for acne sufferers, unlike almost every other major skin condition out there

This is why I’ve started.


Acne Brunch is a weekly acne ‘support group’, but so much more! It’s a tight-knit community to share advice, support, friendship and inspiration as we move towards an acne-healthy diet and lifestyle together.

Join us each week to meet (choose between the Tuesday evening or Sunday brunch session) to support each other learn about a new acne-related topic. The same topic will be covered on the Tuesday and Sunday sessions in the same week, so you’ll only have to attend one.

The topics we cover will be focused on WHY acne happens and HOW to cure and prevent acne, e.g.:

The structure of your skin and how acne truly happens (it’s so much more than just oil and bacteria getting stuck under pores!) How sugar, dairy and processed foods affect your skin The role of various dietary antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, in helping to prevent/cure acne and scaring The role of your gut, which can either cause or help protect you from acne The role of mental health in acne

This is the community I wish existed BEFORE - for the support and guidance I needed when I was feeling so lost in trying to understand why I had terrible acne, hopeless that nothing was working to cure my acne, and suffering from the mental-health issues associated with this condition.

This is also the community I wish exists NOW - I’ve taken control of my acne and am looking for friends and a community to share my knowledge and this new lifestyle with. To help keep us on track, and more importantly, to have fun doing it!


Anyone and everyone in London who wants to be a part of a community taking control of their skin back through an acne-healthy lifestyle, and have fun doing it!


Join us each (or any) week to monitor your progress and learn about a new dietary and lifestyle element of acne. And if you have the time, stay for more chat over a delicious and nutritious acne-healthy brunch!

Rough agenda for each session:

- 15 mins: Introduction of new members and hearing about their acne journey

- 15 mins: Take weekly progress photos (or look at progress photos you took just before coming) and reflect on your progress since you last came

- 45 mins: Acne education (held over an acne-healthy brunch meal, for the Sunday session)


I will be holding the first few sessions will be held in my living room (see photos), until a larger venue is called for.

Tuesday sessions which do not cover brunch are completely FREE (acne-healthy snacks and tea will be provided)

Sunday sessions come with a small fee, to cover the costs of making and providing the meal.

Once here, feel free to come/go whenever you like, there are no obligations!

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