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How To Write A Blog Post Part Two - Weekly #BlogClub
This weeks session is about 'how to write a blog post' - how simple is that? Everyone wants to know about SEO and Keywords but the thing we need to do every week is to write a post and this something that is something we always to be improving on by getting faster, more accurate and even more enjoyable. We collected 10 of our favourite articles about writing a blog post here: In this session, we'll cover: How to get down to the act of writing. Where to get ideas from? Decide who you are writing for. Where to write, on the website, in another app, in a notebook. How do construct each blog post, know if it makes sense? Will other people read it? Where to add tags, categories and featured image. How to and where to share your post, email and social media. At the end of the Meet Up we'll make a list of the topics that you want the most help with for future Meet Ups. Bring your laptop! Tea and coffee are here. Agenda! 10 am Start - please be ready for your coffee, laptop open and everything else. We'll open by saying hello and what we are going to write this week. 10:15 'Writing Bit' - Your Time To Write Each Week We'll work with our content for an hour in silence. Welcome to the hour each week when you'll be able making the 'ugly first draft' or polish off something to hit publish. 11:00 Stop to share about how our writing went. 11:15 'Techie Bit' TBC for this week - this week is "How to write a blog post" We collected 10 of our favourite articles about writing a blog post here: Post your work and connect with other on the London Bloggers Meet Up Medium Group ( )

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