Past Meetup

Building a Blog in 3 Hours: Social Media Week Special


We are trying something very different at this London Bloggers Meetup.

We would like to co-create with you a brand new, multi-author blog all about blogging.

We are allowing ourselves three hours in which to setup a WordPress blog live at

Everything will be done openly and with your input on the night. We want to build this site with and for you and give you the chance to contribute to and learn about blogging, whether you're interested in:


• setting up and customising WordPress

• installing a theme

• choosing and installing the right plugins to cover everything from SEO to security


• defining an editorial direction

• creating a content calendar / plan


• writing blog posts

• formatting posts to attract search engines

• defining a search engine optimisation strategy and creating a set of target keywords

• creating video or image based blog posts

Social Media Marketing

• setting up social profiles

• sharing the blog posts to get traffic

And a whole lot more

If you are an experienced blogger we welcome your input. How do we make this a blog you want to come back to and read regularly.

If you are a novice, this is a great opportunity to see what others bloggers do to get readers, but also to see how WordPress works under the hood. Which plugins to use, how to write compelling blog posts and so much more.

Bring your laptop and you can work directly on the site as we build it.

It's an experiment. We don't know if this will work, but we are going to try and build this site in three hours with your help.


6.00pm - Start

6.15pm - Intro and break up into groups based on your interest (technology, editorial, content, social media)

6.30pm - Brainstorm and get started working on the site

9.00pm - Stop and review

We are being hosted by digital marketing agency Forward3D who are also providing the beers.

It's going to be interesting!