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From Chaos to Calm - Creating Space and Time for Your Business and Your Life

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Are you feeling overworked and overwhelmed?

Struggling to get everything done?

Do you know you could be more productive with your time – if only you knew how?

At our next meeting, we will be joined by Kate Gerry, Business Transformation and Productivity Expert, who will be sharing her top strategies for creating time and space for both our business and our lives.

• Do you feel as if you are constantly running around in circles in your business without getting anywhere fast?

• Is all your energy spent but you don’t have the results to show for it?

• Do you have so many plates spinning that you know it’s only a matter of time before some drop (in fact, you’re pretty sure that some already are!)

• Do your family have more of a relationship with the back of your head (lit by a computer screen!) than spending time with you in person?

• Do you wish things could be different?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then join us for this month’s meeting!

Kate will be sharing with us:

• Her proven strategies on how to increase your personal time to spend with family, friends and enjoying life again

• Practical tips to reduce your mental ‘clutter’ and eliminate interruptions which steal your time and energy

• Simple yet powerful systems, strategies and techniques to transform your business productivity and personal effectiveness

• How to make running your business feel like fun again!

And Kate will also be sharing a little bit about her own story and how she has turned her business into the success it is today – from Stage Manager to Business Star.

Anyone who hasn’t met Kate before will thoroughly enjoy her expertise, enthusiasm and sparkle for making business (and life) fun - and her passionate stand that as business owners, we get to be the own star of our show (rather than sweeping backstage!)

About Kate:

Kate Gerry shows business owners how to create more time, space and freedom in their daily lives. She works with clients to simplify and organize how their business works behind-the-scenes so that they can increase their capacity, revenue, and visibility without it feeling like so much hard work. She firmly believes that the only thing keeping you from not working at all hours of the day is a decision to find another way.
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Our Meeting's usual format...

7.00pm – Registration and open networking

7.30pm – Meeting starts - introduction and connection

7.45pm – Guest speaker on a business or inspirational topic

8.40pm – Your turn to share your successes, celebrations, shout outs and self plugs!

9.00pm – Open networking

9.30pm – Meeting ends

I look forward to seeing you soon!

With love


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