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This is a group for anyone who is interested or curious about any aspect of Chinese Medicine and using its principles to promote healthy living. From my time living in Taiwan and China I came across the concept of Yang Sheng or 'cultivating life', a range of techniques from Chinese cooking to qi gong to just soaking your feet in hot water to promote health, vitality and long-life. In this group we will organize talks, workshops and experiences ranging from learning self-acupressure or Chinese recipes to more philosophical topics. It is fundamentally a group for anyone who wants to learn how to empower themselves on their own healing journey and take control of their own health. We also want to have fun and meet new people!

Loyalty cards with discounts available. Email Alex at alex@daomedicine.com for details.

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FREE FILM: DRUNKEN MASTER + Talk on 8 Immortals, Chinese Medicine and Folkore

West Hampstead Community Centre


Drunken Master – Film Screening - Free (refundable £5 deposit)
The 8 Immortals, Chinese Folklore and Martial Arts

Learn about Chinese medicine, culture and folklore, followed by a classic Jackie Chan movie.

Drunken Master is a classic of Chinese film and tells a pivotal story in the history of Chinese traditional culture and martial arts. The film stars a very young and extremely impressive Jackie Chan. This is one of his early breakout films, collaborating with the legendary fight choreographer Yuen Woo-Ping who later became famous in the West for crafting iconic fight scenes in such films as the Matrix and Kung Fu Hustle. It is a highly enjoyable, humorous and entertaining movie with a great story, cast and spectacular martial arts sequences.

Alex Jacobs will be giving a short talk before the movie introducing some of the ideas and themes that connect to Chinese medicine through both Chinese folklore and the Chinese martial arts.

The movie follows a fictionalised version of the early life of a popular folk hero called ‘Wong Fei-Hong’. A real life historical figure, a martial artist and Chinese doctor, he became a culturally important figure as modernising influences from the West began to pervade China more and more in the late 19th and early 20th century. Wong Fei-Hong was a powerful embodiment of the greatest virtues and strengths that Chinese traditional culture had to offer through its, medicine, martial arts and mysticism.

The ‘Drunken Fist’ martial arts style is at once an impressive and formidable fighting system while also being incredibly idiosyncratic and frankly comical in its appearance! The Daoist style which is portrayed in the movie imitates the characters of the ‘Drunken Eight Immortals’.

The Chinese 8 Immortals are a prominent fixture of Chinese mythology. 8 figures who achieved miraculous powers and immortal status through Daoist spiritual practices and internal cultivation.

In the talk before the movie you will learn about each of the 8 immortals and their symbolism and importance in Chinese traditional culture. This will be linked not only to martial arts but also to Chinese traditional thought and medicine as a whole and how YOU yourself can learn to cultivate the qualities of the Immortals!

The movie ends with Jackie Chan demonstrating all 8 parts of the Drunken Master form in a breathtaking sequence of martial power. Join us for this unmissable event.

The screening is free but a deposit of £5 is required to attend. This will be refunded if you come but not if you do not attend.

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