Make Git understand Excel workbooks, Reflogs and Stashes and Contributor Q&A


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Make Git understand Excel workbooks - Bjoern Stiel

Real life can be messy and sometimes source code (or another valuable asset which should be version-controlled) is embedded in a custom binary file format. For example, Excel workbooks contain a lot of source code - formulae and VBA code. Unfortunately, to Git (and many human beings) Excel workbook file formats are black boxes. Which renders `git diff` and `git merge` pretty useless.

Fortunately, Git is very flexible and can be configured to use custom differs and merge drivers. This is a hands-on talk about `git diff`, `git merge` and a lot of Git duct tape – and how it all works together in the xltrail client, an open-source Git command-line extension that makes Git work with Excel workbook files.

Bjoern Stiel is the the author of xltrail client, an open-source Git command line extension for Excel files and the co-founder of, a server-based Git add-on for Excel workbooks. His professional life revolves around Finance, Python and Excel.

Reflogs and stashes - CB Bailey
Reflogs and stashes are two features that can help you keep on top of your work, even in the face of interruptions and distractions.

Reflogs keep track of the state of your branches and what caused them to change. Stashes allow you to temporarily store away uncommitted changes.

This talk looks at how both features work and how to make the best use from them.

CB is a software developer at Bloomberg LP. They are a Git user, advocate and contributor and relishes the opportunity to slice through knotty problems with their git-fu and to teach others how to do the same.

Q&A with Contributors
To finish off, there will be a Q&A with Git contributors from our community!