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Come along for 2 great talks, Q&A with contributors from the community and the opportunity to mingle and network with fellow Git users and developers.

Git at Scale, Edward Thomson
Learn how Microsoft uses Git in large teams, tools in Azure Repos to help support large teams, and how Microsoft is making changes to Git to support enormous Git repositories, like Windows, the world's largest Git repo.

Edward Thomson is a Program Manager for Azure DevOps, and has had a long career building version control tools at Microsoft, GitHub and SourceGear. He's a maintainer of the libgit2 project and the host of All Things Git, the podcast about Git.

Literate Git, Ben North
Making sure other developers can understand your software is very important. Good quality code and well-written git commit messages are a good start towards this goal. Ben will explain some tools he's created for taking this idea further, allowing developers to use a structured git history to present their code in a way which makes it easier for others to understand.

Ben is a strong believer in the importance of people learning how to create their own technology, and not just consuming technology made by other people. In his day job, he works for a financial trading company.