• Xmas Social


    Come and celebrate a year of Git London with us! Hang out and plan the next year. We will not be able to cover your expenses for the evening, so please come armed with your wallet. Please be considerate in your response so that we can book an accurate amount of space at the venue.

  • Git at Scale & Literate Git

    Microsoft Reactor

    Come along for 2 great talks, Q&A with contributors from the community and the opportunity to mingle and network with fellow Git users and developers. Git at Scale, Edward Thomson Learn how Microsoft uses Git in large teams, tools in Azure Repos to help support large teams, and how Microsoft is making changes to Git to support enormous Git repositories, like Windows, the world's largest Git repo. Edward Thomson is a Program Manager for Azure DevOps, and has had a long career building version control tools at Microsoft, GitHub and SourceGear. He's a maintainer of the libgit2 project and the host of All Things Git, the podcast about Git. Literate Git, Ben North Making sure other developers can understand your software is very important. Good quality code and well-written git commit messages are a good start towards this goal. Ben will explain some tools he's created for taking this idea further, allowing developers to use a structured git history to present their code in a way which makes it easier for others to understand. Ben is a strong believer in the importance of people learning how to create their own technology, and not just consuming technology made by other people. In his day job, he works for a financial trading company.

  • Make Git understand Excel workbooks, Reflogs and Stashes and Contributor Q&A

    **IMPORTANT** Please note that this Meetup is held at CodeNode which requires separate registration at SkillsMatter here: https://skillsmatter.com/meetups/11178-make-git-understand-excel-workbooks-reflogs-and-stashes Make Git understand Excel workbooks - Bjoern Stiel ================================================== Real life can be messy and sometimes source code (or another valuable asset which should be version-controlled) is embedded in a custom binary file format. For example, Excel workbooks contain a lot of source code - formulae and VBA code. Unfortunately, to Git (and many human beings) Excel workbook file formats are black boxes. Which renders `git diff` and `git merge` pretty useless. Fortunately, Git is very flexible and can be configured to use custom differs and merge drivers. This is a hands-on talk about `git diff`, `git merge` and a lot of Git duct tape – and how it all works together in the xltrail client, an open-source Git command-line extension that makes Git work with Excel workbook files. Bjoern Stiel is the the author of xltrail client, an open-source Git command line extension for Excel files and the co-founder of xltrail.com, a server-based Git add-on for Excel workbooks. His professional life revolves around Finance, Python and Excel. Reflogs and stashes - CB Bailey ============================== Reflogs and stashes are two features that can help you keep on top of your work, even in the face of interruptions and distractions. Reflogs keep track of the state of your branches and what caused them to change. Stashes allow you to temporarily store away uncommitted changes. This talk looks at how both features work and how to make the best use from them. CB is a software developer at Bloomberg LP. They are a Git user, advocate and contributor and relishes the opportunity to slice through knotty problems with their git-fu and to teach others how to do the same. Q&A with Contributors ====================== To finish off, there will be a Q&A with Git contributors from our community!

  • Gerrit DevOps Analytics & git auto-magic!

    CodeNode - Skills Matter

    PLEASE NOTE: The meetup will be held at CodeNode who require you to registration on their site as well: https://skillsmatter.com/meetups/10863-gerrit-devops-analytics-and-git-auto-magic * Gerrit DevOps Analytics by Luca Milanesio & Cesare San Martino ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Git commits, reviews and the associated downstream CI/CD builds contain precious information that can be harvested and leveraged to speed up the DevOps lifecycle. See in live demo how to extract in bulk the information from all those events, and leverage them with clear and useful dashboards to analyze where the project is going, who the major contributors and players are and how they work with each other. Luca Milanesio is the co-founder of GerritForge and has more than 25 years of software development and application lifecycle management experience. He was one of the first contributors to Jenkins CI and maintainer of the Gerrit Code Review Open Source project. He has fueled innovation worldwide in large enterprises by improving their CI/CD pipeline and overall DevOps lifecycle. Cesare San Martino has several decades of experience in the industry where he has covered positions in Marketing and Product Management for many large SW vendors. He still consults to large organizations on the topic of Application Security. * git auto-magic! by Adam Spiers ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Adam shares tools he developed to cope with various workflow challenges such as: * automatic analysis and visualisation of dependencies between commits * explode a single branch into independent topic branches * more exotic branch surgery Adam Spiers has been a passionate supporter and developer of FLOSS since 1995, with a particular interest in automation and orchestration. He holds a degree in Mathematics and Computation from Oxford University, and currently lives and works in London, UK. He is currently a Senior Software Engineer at SUSE, focusing on OpenStack and Crowbar, and leads SUSE's architectural work on high availability within OpenStack. He maintains GNU Stow, contributes regularly to many FLOSS projects, and has written several tools for automating higher-level git development workflows. * Q&A with our Git and libgit2 contributors ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Bring your questions along and ask our panel of Git and libgit2 contributors! We will have about 15 minutes of Q&A at the end of the evening.

  • git worktrees and Teaching Community Leaders

    General Assembly

    git worktrees: Thomas Gummerer git worktrees are a relatively recent addition to git, which allows checking out multiple branches into different directories (working trees). This talk provides an introduction to worktrees, how to use them and where they could improve your workflow. Thomas Gummerer is a software developer at Bloomberg LP. He works in the Security Infrastructure team where he helps keeping Bloomberg's infrastructure secure. He contributes to git in his spare time. Teaching community leaders with open source workflows: Joe Nash GitHub Campus Experts is a training program for student community leaders, with over 1500 participants in 24 countries. In this talk, we'll see how using Git, GitHub and open source workflows as the foundation for the learning platform enabled a small team to quickly scale the reach of the program, while teaching students about responsible open source participation. Joe Nash is the student program manager at GitHub, helping the next generation of tech leaders create inclusive and diverse communities. He’s a strong believer in the educational benefits of hacker culture, and supports student hackers through both his professional work and community leadership. He’s also a level 10 Triton sorcerer.

  • Extending Git through Scripting and the libgit2 Framework

    General Assembly

    Extending Git through Scripting: Charles Bailey Git is the most popular version control system in use today; it is highly flexible and supports many different workflows. One of its strengths is its openness to scripting. This talk looks at the basic principles that support best practice for scripting Git and how to avoid some common pitfalls. Charles is a software developer at Bloomberg LP. He works in Developer Experience where he helps select, improve and maintain tools and services used by developers, and consult and advise on all aspects of software development. He is a Git user, advocate and contributor and relishes the opportunity to slice through knotty problems with his git-fu and to teach others how to do the same. Building Git Tools with libgit2: Edward Thomson Edward introduces the libgit2 framework (http://libgit2.org), which is a portable, implementation of Git as a library. If you're looking for more advanced programmatic access to working with Git repositories, libgit2 is a good option, which is why it's used by many Git servers like GitHub and VSTS and clients like gmaster and GitKraken. Edward will introduce libgit2 and some of the language bindings like LibGit2Sharp (for .NET) and Rugged (for Ruby). Edward Thomson is a Program Manager for Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services, and has had a long career building version control tools at Microsoft, GitHub and SourceGear. He's a maintainer of the libgit2 project and the host of All Things Git, the podcast about Git.