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London Energy Share

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London Energy Share is for everyone practicing a form of energy or healing work. We welcome you to our space a cosy, spiritual and supportive environment to give and receive energy and healing and to meet like minded souls...whether you practice traditional usui reiki, angelic reiki, reconnective healing, crystal healing, shamballa healing, work with angels and ascended masters or intuitive healing our members are diverse and work with the form of energy with which they align.

The doors open at 6.30 but we will starts at 7pm. We start by joining in an OM to ground and connect ourselves, then introductions and statements of intent swiftly followed by a short meditation. After the meditation healers pair up and exchange a healing for half and hour each, with a brief discussion of the experience in between, after the healing we come back into a circle to discuss and summarise our experiences further. And finally we all join in 3 OMs to ground and center ourselves again, which brings a culmination of the share.

After the share is finished, healers are free to leave or stay for some snacks and chats in a very friendly relaxed atmosphere.

It is our aim to create a beautiful calming and loving enviroment, with a lot of encouragement for people to open up and relax.