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Reading Meetup: Steve Jobs' Stanford Graduation Address

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We will study Steve Jobs' Stanford Graduation Address again - an extremely inspiring speech given in 2005 by the late head of Apple. Since in previous meetups at the Royal Festival Hall we have found it a bit noisy on the lower levels, I propose trying out the Green Bar which is much higher up and thus might attract less traffic.

The youtube video of the speech is here ( (in English given by Jobs himself)

The plain text English version with numbered paragraphs is here (

The plain text Chinese version with numbered paragraphs is here (

The full pdf with pinyin and translations is here (

anki flash cards for the most unusual words here (

The speech is in the form of 3 stories, so the numbering reflects that. Here are sound recordings in Chinese of the speech: story1 (, story2 (, story3 (

Youtube Slideshows introducing the vocabulary with text-to-speech readout here: story1 (, story2 (, story3 (

As per usual, the format is that we meet up around a table, and we take it in turns to read in the language we are seeking to learn. Therefore native chinese speakers read in English, and everyone else reads in Chinese