Aldous Huxley: creating a more transcendent society

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In this talk, author Jules Evans will explore the life and work of Aldous Huxley, satirist, polymath, and one of the most important influences on the contemporary psychedelic renaissance.

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Huxley insisted that humans have a ‘deep-seated urge to self-transcendence'. He thought western society had closed ancient avenues to self-transcendence, so had created substitutes - sedatives, consumerism, the intoxication of nationalism, the worship of technology.
Our lack of healthy transcendence was making us miserable and destroying our planet.

But he thought we could find healthy forms of transcendence that would connect us and enable us to develop our human potential. He tried to develop an 'empirical spirituality' that was pluralist, grounded in science, and which drew on a variety of techniques from meditation to psychedelics to ecstatic dance.

We will discuss the questions Huxley wrestled with his whole life: How can western society become more open to healthy transcendence? What role does adult / community education have to play? What is the relationship between mysticism and politics? Can you scientifically measure the spiritual life?

Jules Evans is the author of Philosophy for Life and The Art of Losing Control. He is a research fellow at the Centre for the History of the Emotions, at Queen Mary, University of London, and blogs at

NB This event should not be confused with another talk I'm doing at The Psychedelic Society, on this topic, on January 16!

This talk will take place at the Mile End road campus of Queen Mary, University of London. It's two minutes from Mile End Road station. The talk will be in the Francis Bancroft building. (number 10 on the map at the link below). It will start at 7pm prompt.

You need to book your ticket through eventbrite, at the link below. Tickets are £14

No refunds