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Photoshop Workshop - Challenge Campos

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Have you ever imported your photos in to your computer and just sat there wondering how or where to start post processing? Well our resident Photoshop expert Miguel Campos will be walking you through his thought process from raw file to a ready to publish version.

We'll be asking you to bring along a digital photo that you have taken, and then give it to Miguel who will run through his thought process from first seeing the picture to where he wants the picture to be at the end of it, he'll also be running through the tools he used, how he used them and why he used them.

Miguel will be post processing YOUR photos, we'll be giving him no more than 20 minutes and the thing is he won't even know what pictures he'll be processing until we show it to him, then we'll give him time to take a deep breath and start the clock.

As Miguel thoroughly enjoys a challenge we'll also be giving him photos to prcess in 10 & 5 minutes or less.

DETAILS: We ask everyone to bring with them one photo they would like post processed of the following genres: Portraits, Landscapes, Cityscapes, Night photography, Weddings, Family, Still life, Underwater, Macro, etc..etc.

Then as a group we'll select 3 initial pictures, each in a different genre for Miguel to post process. Then we'll select pictures for the 10 minute and 5 minute challenges, so everyone's photo should get to meet Miguel by the end of the day. This is a fun way to learn different techniques to process your images.

We ask the photos to be in raw format, with no more than 1000 ISO and in focus. You can either bring it on USB or send them to us before the morning of the event to

We've always heard people in the know say post processing doesn't need to to take a long time, this is your chance to hold one of them to account.

Go on Challenge Campos!!

You don't need a lot of Photoshop experience to attend this workshop as Miguel will be catering for beginners.