Canceled Meetup

Painting with Light Photography

Price: £30.00 /per person

Location visible to members


This is really it... this is the last paint session of the year! The clocks will go forward this month so we're going to squeeze in one final session.

This light painting workshop covers the basic elements required to creatively utilise different light sources to produce a variety of interesting effects.

You will learn how to construct basic orb lights and light rails, be instructed on the proper technique to use them, and you will have multiple attempts to experiment with different colours for orbs and rails. It is anticipated that this workshop will run for 2.5 - 3 hours.

This is a hands-on workshop, members will be shown how to use the lights to produce the majority of the photographs in this session. Organisers are there in an instructional capacity to direct members on what they need to do.

Required Equipment

A camera
A shutter release
A tripod

Shutter release and batteries

Due to the requirements to have a minimum of 45 seconds shutter speed to coordinate the entire group for each shot, and to eliminate the possibility of interference, you need a shutter release cable for this session. Remote controls can interfere with each other so we prefer wired if you have one.

Please ensure your battery is fully charged. We advise bringing a spare if possible as long exposures and the cold can eat battery life.


A standard 18-55 or wide lens is preferable to fixed lenses. A lens with manual and auto focus is ideal so you can lock the focus once fixed.

Skill level

This course requires basic camera knowledge and competence in it's operation.

You should know how:

• set to manual mode and bulb mode

• set ISO and White Balance

• use a cabled shutter release, including setup

• to manually focus

All of these setting are in your manual so if you are unsure refer to the manual and bring it with you if needed.

Some post-processing of your images may be required in order to balance extreme contrast ranges, otherwise, all lighting effects are produced in-camera.

Bring a warm coat as it may get cold.

Organisers will provide all lights and flashguns and any other accessories to be used.

We know you have a self timer but lengths of timing will exceed self timers and you may not be able to get the full image without a shutter release.

Changing lenses needs to be done in between shots so we don't lose time and you don't miss shots!