Andreas’ 16th League. Game 3/10 N14

This is a past event

15 people went


Southgate · London N14

How to find us

Follow The Fish....

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Any New PLAYERS MUST contact me on Signing Up, Even if it's on the Waiting List OR THEY WILL BE TAKEN OFF.
This is so we know true numbers of attendance - Text Me on -[masked]


Vaporisers and Smoking, only allowed Outside.

The Weekly "Snack Fund Rake" is still required, choose between Snacks or Drinks.
For all new comers, it's a MULTY PACK of Crisps , NOT BIG PACKET or a Large Bottle of Coke or Fanta - ZERO..ZERO..ZERO.....

NOT NOT NOT..... Diet, Vanilla, Life :-)

My 16th League structure.
It's Unlikely to be 10 consecutive games as I will likely have one Live Saturday game to go to during this time.

At a guess, the Latest date for the TOP Ten FT will be December 20th.

The League will be TEN Games in total....Your Best 6 Results counting towards a possible FT Seat.

Buy In Each Game: £20 plus £5 for the League Prize Pool.

Game Clock Starts at 7pm - 2000 on time Bonus

15,000 Starting Stack
With 1 Re-Entry or Late Entry (£20+£5) allowed in the first 6 levels

Blind Levels will be 4 x 15 mins – then 20 mins.
BUTTON PAYS Ante' from Level 6

The Game days Prize Pool will be announced after the Re Entry Period.

All games with 8-17 runners will be Top 3 paid - 50/30/20%
With 18 plus buy in's and it's Top 4 – 42%/30%/20%/8%

League Points awarded to those on the Final Table of Ten.
12 to the Winner........... 10 for Second................. 8 for Third.
The remaining places will score from 7 down to 1 point for First person out (10th)

When the last two players are HU, they may do a deal on the money if they wish but they MUST PLAY the game to the end to be awarded Top Points of 12.

After the 10 games, the players with the most points from 6 of their games will play for the Trophy and Prize Pool.

The last League Final had about £1000 Prize Pool

Your League Position will determine your Starting Stack at The Grand Final which will have a £20 Entry as usual and we can look to have an other of our regulars be a Paid Dealer for the night.

1st[masked]nd[masked]rd[masked]th & 5th[masked]th - 9th[masked]th 8000

The Prize Pool will be paid out:
1st 42% & The League Trophy
2nd 30% & A Consolation Prize
3rd 20% & A Pat on the Back
4th 8% & “Better luck next time”


We are here to have fun & Play Poker.
So to keep game flow and attention on the game, Phones & Tablets CAN NOT BE USED AT THE TABLES.
If you can’t keep them in your pocket, a Box in the Bar will be provided.

If you are not seated at the table when the final card has been dealt,
Your cards are Mucked.

If you Bet Out of Turn - you Sit Out the next Hand.
The Next time you Bet Out of Turn - You Miss a Round.

Please DO NOT Cover your cards so all can see you are still playing.

A 30 second clock will be started AFTER 2 minutes thinking time has passed. The Next person to act, gets 30 seconds Unless there is a Significant change in the Action.

If no player calls Clock, the House will.

Your First VERBAL declaration will stand.

All disputed hands or situations will hopefully be resolved by the players but if a ruling is asked for, you must abide by that decision.

Unless it’s a True Emergency that takes you away from the table, your chips will be forfitted and any possible cash with it.

You need to be in it, to win it !!

Let’s continue to have fun !
My 14th Year now and looking forward to many more.

See you at the table or tables,