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One Love Tribal MEGA SUNDAY Gathering ~ Akasha Wacha, Wiggzarro, Rafael

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*Entrance by Donation: Suggested £15 (you can choose to pay more/less based on your income)

London Spiritual Movement


Sunday 30th June – Hoxton Gallery Arc

**One Love Tribal Gathering Sacred Shamanic Sunday**

We are now moving to once a month for Sacred Sundays! To have our own Sunday Shamanic Sacred Celebration….One Love Tribe style!

Every One Love Gathering will be spectacular! Forever changing/evolving as the tribe grows! And as we allow Great Spirit to guide in whatever direction it must take, with many people from the tribe along the way offering their energy and gifts. One Love is the Tribal movement for London and beyond!

The Tribal Gatherings will include Shamanic Drumming, coming together to sing sacred songs as One Tribe! Shamanic Tribal Trance dance, Indigenous wisdom, and performing ancient Shamanic Ceremony. An evening of Sacred Connection, to Spirit, Earth and One Another, of Celebration & Joy!
Led by Maestra Akasha Wacha
Also Powerful Shamanic South American Drummers, incredible guest Spiritual Musicians and Singers, Guest Indigenous Tribal Shamans & More.......

PLEASE NOTE: Money raised will go towards the remote and ancient Kaxinawa Tribe of the Brazilian Amazon who are in crisis fighting on the front line of the Great Forest.

We will also have at the 10th Gathering a Guest Master Shaman Don Julian from the remote Huicholes Tribe of Mexico!!! He will be performing a powerful group healing on us all with his ancient sacred songs thousands of years old from his ancestors.

The Huichol Indians are a small tribe of approximately 15,000 living in central Mexico near Ixtlan in the Sierra Madre Mountains. Their life is a continuous cycle of ritual and devotional exercises designed to help them stay connected to the Ancient Ones- Tate Wari (Grandfather Fire), Takutsi Nakawey (Grandmother Growth), Kauyumari (our brother, the Deer Spirit), and Tatei Yurianaka (Mother Earth), among others. The Huichols say that during ceremony, they are inviting these spirits to come into the circle of life to be with them- to help empower them and their families, and to help the universe stay in balance.

Huichol shamanism honors all of creation, especially the spirit of nature- the power of the animals, the winged ones, the minerals, and plants. This shamanic tradition involves healing and empowerment through personal transformation and direct experience as well as the healing of our families, communities and our environment. By following the shaman's path, we can truly learn to inhabit the earth and our being with gentleness and respect.

The Huichol say we are created from the elements of the natural world- fire, air, water and earth. Because of this, each of us is a miniature universe, a mirror of both the natural and the spiritual worlds. All the knowledge and secrets of these two worlds are inside of us and everything is perfectly arranged. Shamanism teaches us to tap into that arrangement, to understand and to live in harmony with the natural and spiritual worlds.

Ceremony, sacred dance, vision quest, and pilgrimages to places of power in nature are all essential aspects of shamanism. Through these techniques, the shamanic circle embraces us unifying our lives with strength, healing and love.

Also for the 10th gathering we proudly announce SPECIAL GUEST LIVE WORLD MUSIC DANCE SET FROM THE INCREDIBLE WIGGZARRO!!........

‘Are you ready to release your rhythm within and shake your body awake to the magic of Wiggzaro's World Tribal Dance music...?

Wiggzaro's "Emerge into the Light" show takes you on a journey through different landscapes, cultural influences and textures of sonic compositions that sees a fusion between live performance with electronic dance music. Drawing from different aspects of world music fused with modern house and trance music trends, this project is in essence guitar driven dance music that is fused with positive, uplifting and consciously minded lyrics... The album's name "Emerge into the Light" is in direct reference to our evolution in human consciousness and our emergence into a world that is centred in love and light...’

For more info see

This is the space you can come to let go, heal, express love, be accepted for who you are unconditionally, learn tribal wisdom, connect as one tribe with your brothers and sisters, release negativity, and dance and sing for your love of great spirit and Pacha Mama!!!

We are now in a very special time on Mother Earth. Very powerful energies are being beamed down on the planet and a mass awakening of consciousness is happening! It is time for us to gather in large groups as ONE TRIBE… UNITE under the flag of LOVE…the flag of PEACE and the flag of UNITY. We must as awakened ones assist in this awakening by using the power of our hearts and spirits. Let us join and celebrate our LOVE! Be prepared to feel pure love and bliss as the 10th event becomes a prayer to the Great Spirit giving gratitude for our incarnation and all our blessings. Invite all your friends to come and forward this invite and join the tribe of many colours! Let the tribe expand with all our beautiful brothers and sisters!! One Love is a completely unique powerful spiritual experience. Come be a part of a tribal movement that is raising the vibration on our beautiful planet!

The One Love Tribe believes in full energy tribal devotional gatherings, honouring our shamanic ancestry, and connecting on much deeper levels to one another……this is how we pray tribal style!

We support Indigenous tribal communities who are in crisis and are calling for the Rainbow Warriors (that is you!) to help them. Watch this on the Rainbow Warriors Prophecy.

This is the space you can come to let go, heal, express love, be accepted for who you are unconditionally, learn tribal wisdom, connect as one tribe with your brothers and sisters, release negativity, and dance and sing for your love of great spirit and Pacha Mama!!!

For the 10th One Love Gathering the water goddesses will be performing the powerful Water Blessings ceremony. This sacred ceremony performed for thousands of years by our ancestors will transmute the water into powerful healing medicine which we will all drink to heal our mind, bodies and spirits. The sacred ‘Grail Water’ will also be added. This powerful Grail water carries the energy and memory from water collected from 10,000 different sacred water places on Mother Earth!

LOVE will be the main energy at its core, as we open our hearts and minds.

Come mi familia! And let us join together as ONE TRIBE and share our love for Pacha Mama, Great Spirit and one another! The cities we live in and the systems that surround us are designed to make us feel alone, helpless and powerless, and with that many of us live in our own secluded bubble and do not connect deeply enough with one another.

These Tribal Gathering events are to awaken within you so you may remember that you are part of a tribe and that your spirit has been coming together with your brothers and sisters to celebrate, dance and pray for lifetimes! We have strength in numbers! And we can move mountains when we join together in love, and connect with one another to help do what we can to soften the effects of Mother Earths Cleansing. Many are waking now it’s time to join forces.....Rainbow Warriors answer you’re calling and fulfil the Indigenous prophecies! Pacha Mama needs you!

Many will be coming alone so please come and make some new friends, you will be warmly welcomed in and instantly become part of the family you never truly left!

Please bring a rattle to play! And essential is to bring a bottle of water as we do high energy spiritual work. If you do not have one then simply come along and join in. Most essential is to bring an open heart and mind! This will be an evening to meet many new friends and see old ones, an evening to come together in unison for a higher purpose, to be one tribe and assist in the shift.

We live in a beautiful time, a time where humanity is waking up to its connection to something eternal, and to our connection to mother earth. Everything is speaking to us; everything is singing its vibration across creation….and it’s time to express ours.
Whoever you are or wherever you come from on the planet, we all originate from shamanic cultures, so it is everyone’s original history and our birth right to practice Shamanism and do what our ancestors have been doing since we incarnated here on this beautiful planet hundreds of thousands of years ago. VIVA PACHA MAMA! TODO ES MI FAMILIA (Everything is my family!) Aho!

We have Maestra Akasha Wacha, who will be leading our tribe of one love into deep healing and soul sister/soul brother connection, as the tribe of many colours gather together to celebrate and heal through sacred song, prayer and dance. Akasha will be sharing the tribal wisdom of our ancestors, today more relevant than ever before, and teaching you the sacred Indigenous and Spiritual songs so you may heal yourself, others and the planet with them. Sacred Icaros and tribal songs will be sung to call the spiritual doctors to heal us and change our molecular and DNA structure with the scared vibration of the sound.

Led by Akasha Wacha

Akasha is a shamanic teacher, practitioner and healer who is committed to helping Tribal Communities and gathering together the Rainbow Warriors. She is passionate about self-development and spiritual growth, and has over the past 12 years has done intensive training in the Peruvian Amazon and Brazil learning indigenous shamanic healing, sound healing and Amazonian plant spirit shamanism.

Akasha has studied a wide variety of spiritual healing practices from different cultures and is able to weave traditional knowledge together with modern approaches to personal growth. Her main focus is on shamanism in its many forms, and is especially drawn to Amazonian and South American shamanism and its relevance today for the modern world. Akasha has trained with several shamans within the lineage of Native American, Peruvian and European Shamanism.

For the past three years she has been training intensively in the Amazon with two Indigenous Maestro Peruvian Shamans, Don Javier Arevalo Shauano and Don Nemias, both from the Napruna region of the Peruvian Amazon. Both Maestros are ‘Bancos’, bancos is the highest order of Shaman attainable in the Amazon. She spends several months of every year in the Amazon deepening her training with tribal shamans, studying the ancient healing techniques and learning how to work with the healing energies of Mother Earth. She also leads groups of westerners to the Amazon to work, heal and train under master Indigenous tribal Shamans, to heal with the sacred Amazonian plant teachers. She has been walking the Medicine wheel now for two years, and is a mesa carrier.

Akasha is a spirit of love and compassion who devotes her healing work to introducing people to the ancient shamanic indigenous ways of ceremony. She runs courses and workshops teaching indigenous Peruvian and Native American shamanism and healing techniques, and she runs a daily healing clinic for one to one sessions in South West London. She believes that love is the most powerful and healing energy in the universe and love is her main driving force. (

*DONATION: Our events are by a gratitude donation. There is a suggested donation of £15 for this event to assist in covering our operational costs (Rent, Admin, Facilitator Fees and Travel). You can choose to pay more or less based on your income. Donations are a crucial part of bringing these events to you and help us continue to deliver spiritual events in an accessible way. We are a team of volunteers, some full time, working to bring spirituality back to the people and raise consciousness. Thank you very much for your support! Namaste and blessings.