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Gong Bath: Healing through Sound ~ Nibiru and Sedna - Mark Swan

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Gong Bath - Nibiru & Sedna
Healing through Sound
(Please bring Yoga Mat & Blanket)

This promises to be a very special Gong bath with our resident Gong Master, Kundalini Yoga teacher and healer Mark Swan. This latest Gong bath is for all those explorers and travellers of the inner worlds. I will be using two very special Gongs at this sound bath, Nibiru and Sedna. These two Gongs literally transport us away from the earthly realms and into the paradigm of the cosmic and extra-terrestrial.
Nibiru has courted controversy as a planet ever since it became popular in esoteric culture in the early nineteen eighties. This Gong channels healing and transformation on a genetic level and works closely through its host race the Annunaki, an advanced alien race who it is said visit our world every 3600 years. Look to ancient Sumer for more info on Enki and Enlil who ruled long before the Egyptians built the Pyramids for clues as to the origins of this planets energy. This is a Gong that tweaks and upgrades us on a cellular level for the highest good of the evolution of the human race.
Sedna, discovered in 2005 has the longest orbit of all out planetary bodies. It takes 11,400 years to orbit the Sun and travels 93 billion miles. Sedna connects us to the cosmic collective unconscious, it releases past karma and delves deep into our energetic past. The origins of the Big Bang and the expanding pulse of our universe are mirrored in the vibrations and sounds of this awesome Gong as well as shifting buried trauma from this life and the lives we have experienced before. This will be a powerful and transforming event. Allow yourself plenty of time afterwards to assimilate and ground yourself.
Gong baths and gong bath therapy is not a new alternative healing modality. On the contrary, the Gong has been used longer than any other instrument for holistic Sound healing. The technology in creating and tuning the gongs to specific frequencies is the only thing that has improved greatly over time. Mark Swan uses a total of 13 Paiste Planet Gongs in his purpose built studio. Each client has the space and opportunity to receive the best Sound therapy available anywhere in the World today.
It was said by the Ancients that if you were Gonged for ten days you would be cured of anything. The current opinion of the scientific community is that the use of sound is becoming an ever more valuable tool in the treatment of many conditions, ailments and diseases. As an alternative medicine healing modality it is being used successfully all over the World. Gong baths are having astounding and wondrous effects on a whole range of maladies.
Gong baths principally bring about the transition of cellular re-alignment through the medium of sound. Whether a physical, mental or spiritual problem the pure penetrating sound waves of the healing gong will enable you to break free of old patterns and re-generate and re-balance yourself. Working within all the parameters of the body there is nowhere that the resonance of the healing gong cannot penetrate. It will bypass the mind and go straight to the root of the problem.
The Gongs I will be working with at this event are:
Nibiru Gong Colour:[masked] Yellow
Chakra: whole body/Aura
Pitch: E
Rules: Libra
Character: evolution enlightenment
Nibiru promotes awareness and helps us to identify our emotional needs, weaknesses and longing, to achieve resolution and enlightenment so that we can repair that which is not working and restore ourselves to balance. Know who you are and become who you wish to be. Keywords; Evolution, Genetics and roots of being. Old Gods, emotional longing, initiator and resolver of deep soul issues. Healer and transformer
Sedna Gong Colour:[masked]
Chakra: Solar plexus/Heart
Pitch: C
Rules: strong affinity with Pluto and Neptune
Character: New paradigms
Sedna expands and challenges our ideas and assumptions about the very nature of the cosmos, opening us to new paradigms and non-duality, providing us with access into the deep layers of the personal and collective unconscious, our super conscious, and universal intelligences. It can bring us awareness of pain from past lives as well as buried trauma from this lifetime to your conscious cognizance, where it can be released.
Your Facilitator: Mark Swan

Mark Swan has been a Gong Master and Reiki and Seichem Master for over 10 years and is also a certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, teaching under his given spiritual name of Satjit Singh. He is also a member of the American School of Cymatics. Holding Gong bath events across the planet is his life's work.
His passion for self-help and personal growth has led him to work in such countries as America, South East Asia and Egypt, as well as the U.K.
He now resides in Kent with his partner Donna and his four children.
"My mission is to help people release the light or divine essence within themselves. This is not something we have to seek out or obtain, on the contrary, its something we already have withn us. The transition through to the Aquarian Age may be difficult for some. The pure and sacred sound of the Gong gives us safe passage on the shamanic journey from dark to light"

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