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Awakening Your Heart - Aang

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Price: £10.00 /per person

Latvian House

72 Queensborough Terrace, · London, W2 3SH

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The nearest tubes are Queensway (Central Line) and Bayswater (Circle & District Line) and its a few minutes walk to venue from both stations.

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ॐ Awakening Your Heart ॐ

These weekly drop in sessions are focused on us becoming aware of the divinity that exists within us. An exploration of Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine aspects, the polarity that exists and bringing these polarities to equilibrium. Within lies everything we need to thrive in life and all the answers we have been searching for. The Heart is our doorway for this experience and in this process we will discover our Higher Self.We currently live in a society where all our attention is focused outside of us. We have been programmed and conditioned to seek happiness from our external world.

These classes are designed for us to find the peace within ourselves. Understanding the feminine and masculine aspects begins the process of healing the duality/polarity within. By accepting all aspects that exist within us, we begin to shift our reality from a perspective of "chaos" to one of peace.

The more we connect to the Divinity within us, the more we will be able to understand our reality and create shift to a new way of living. A life of balance, harmony and equilibrium.

From these classes, you will experience:

☆ Sacred Ceremony, honouring yourself and others and giving gratitude for your journey

☆ Sharing Higher Wisdom, a different perspective on your reality

☆ Awakening of Divine Energy, and using this energy to heal yourself, release fears, limiting beliefs and patterns

☆ Opening of Psychic Centres for personal spiritual understanding and growth

☆ Sacred ❤ Heart Transmission

Understanding the principles of working with Divine/Universal energy will greatly assist you in understanding your reality. It all begins with the self, looking at our intentions, our beliefs, our limitations and our fears. The more we look within, the greater the flow of energy, and then our physical reality becomes our own guidance system.


"It was my first time attending such Meetup. There was a great energy among the group, and precise explanations and monitoring from Aang. I had never felt so relieved in my entire life after the session!! Amazing experience! I definitely recommend it." ~ Clementine Maunier

"This was a fantastic workshop. Everything Aang said really resonated with me. He was a wonderful facilitator, and truly cared about giving each of us the help that we needed to really start to feel the energy within and around us during the meditations. I usually prefer meditating in a group situation to alone as I find it a much more profound experience and this is one of the best meditation groups I’ve ever attended. I’m really looking forward to the next one!" ~ Denise Hobin

"I have chosen to make your Monday nights a part of my regular spiritual practice (it's about time I had one!!) You are assisting me with this part of my journey. You feel like an anchor, a guide and a fellow traveller, all at the same time. I am totally present when I'm there, but am aware that another part of me is connected to a deeper reality/experience simultaneously." ~ Shirley

Your Facilitator: Aang Aakha

Aang is an Intuitive Energy Healer, Angelic Reiki Master, working with Star System energies. Certified Theta Practitioner and facilitating Workshops offering Meditations, Attunements, Healings and Energy Work. Having a previous role as a computer architect, it has enabled Aang to look at the flow of energy and understand how important it is to integrate this energy.

Since experiencing a rapid awakening in 2008 that completely shifted his reality, he travelled to London and joined the London College of Spirituality in October 2008 as a volunteer while searching for others whom where on similar journeys. Aang is currently a senior manager at LCS. Aang is primarily focused on discovering the nature of his reality and assisting others in experiencing their highest potential. Aang also runs weekly Starseeds workshops and does Gaia Love and Multidimensional Self Activations.

Spirituality is not just a support system for oneself, it should be the means that provides the tools that can be applied as we go through the greatest changes of our lives. It should create a space where experiences are shared, tools are applied, different perspectives given and creating an awareness that we have the Light within us.


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