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Healing Meditation: Transform with Angels and Gaia ~ Lidija

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18 Paddocks Close, HA2 8NP · South Harrow

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* Please arrive 15 mins before for a prompt start at 7pm :) thank you

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Healing Meditation

~ Transform with Angels and Gaia ~
* Please arrive 15 mins before for a prompt start at 7pm :) thank you
These regular drop-in meditations are for you to take a break and immerse yourself into loving and nurturing energies of Angelic Beings and Gaia - for inner healing and transformation, for support and guidance, for inner balance and rejuvenation on physical, emotional and soul levels.
These meditations are guided and involve higher energy transmissions to help you transform on a very deep level and assist you in situations in your life which you would like to see improved, resolved or healed.
In our cosy circle we will be creating a deep and meaningful connection with Gaia and receiving her healing energies into our body and soul. We will be reaching up to the Angelic Energies and receiving their beautifully nourishing, healing and supportive vibrations. And we will also be connecting with the Higher Source of wisdom, love and peace allowing it to anchor higher energies and wisdoms we require at this moment of time for our spiritual growth.
This wonderful way of working with Earth and Higher energies simultaneously - brings a great balance to our physical bodies and souls: keeps us firmly grounded, secure, focused and determined in our life goals, yet gives us inspiration, greater sense of love and connection, opens our hearts and assists with higher and inner guidance.
By immersing yourself in the loving energies of the Earth and Angelic Beings you dont only heal yourself and re-align with the source of Love within you, but also begin to create more meaningful connection with nature and people in your life.
All levels of experience in Meditation and Spirituality are welcome! Previous experience is not required :)
"Of all guided meditations, I admire Lidija's most. Her physical serenity, together with her quiet, steady voice and gorgeous imagery, made it a wonderful experience for participants. To start the meditation, she calmed a buzzingly energetic room simply by silently gazing round the room, capturing each person's attention and quieting them only with her own tranquil energy and presence! I wish she would record so I could take her home with me!" ~ Wanda
"Lidija's guided meditation in Glastonbury was one of those meditations that not only make you feel like you are having a good day but make you feel like you are having a good month :) Her voice is soothing and calm and yet strong and reassuring. It makes you feel safe and it inspires you trust her. She knows what's she's doing and step by step she can take even the most inexperienced spiritual seeker in a wonderful state of meditation." ~ Alex
Your Facilitator: Lidija Ablamska
Lidija is an Intuitive Energy Healer working with Angelic and Earth energies. Certified Pranic Healer, Metatronic Healing Practitioner and Creative Editor to The Inner Revolution Book (, Lidija is an ongoing Explorer of Life and Spirituality.
Helping people to re-connect with Gaia in meaningful and healing ways has become one of Lidija's biggest passions. She works with gentle and nourishing Angelic energies and helps others to bring a healthy balance of Earthy and Higher energies into their lives.
Lidija facilitates Guided Group Meditations, Retreats and Hikes, shares her knowledge and experience in Psychic Development and Energy Management in classes & workshops. Now a Senior Manager at LCS, she is devoting her time to exploration of spirituality and helping others on their path of awakening and growth.
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