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Divine Light Attunement ~ Savitri

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The Divine Light attunement activates the energetic body on the cellular level. This changes both the energetic and physical body to evolve the Light Body. This attunement is for those who wish to discover their Divine path, their Spiritual mission and begin to incorporate their higher energies into this physical space – to live as a multidimensional being.

Spiritual Transformation on a very deep level, initiating radical changes in one’s personal life

Activation of your Light Body to match your new vibrational frequency

Recalibrating your DNA to receive more Light

Opening oneself up to Universal Consciousness & Wisdom

Clearing one’s path to manifest and materialise one’s Divine Higher Purpose

Integrating the Soul to perform from a place of non-duality, transcending fear.

All main chakras within the human physical vessel are also activated, including Zeal Point, Soul Star, Earth Star.

Massive increase in Intuitive Abilities

Massive increase in sensitivity of your Energetic Body

A Deeper Sense of Knowing of why and how your current experiences have been manifested

Dramatic changes in your external reality

Connection to a much higher and deeper reality

For much more about this Attunement, please click here to freely view the Attunement manual (


"I had experienced reiki attunements a few years previously and so thought that I would experience a similar feeling. This is so much more than an attunement. Savitri's gifts shine through in these Divine attunements. I felt wrapped in calm and colourful arrays of energy throughout my body and left feeling happy, relaxed and light. Since the atunements I have been much more sensitive to my own and others emotions, a much greater sense of direction in my life, a calmness and have been told that I have a 'glow' about me. I have and will recommend this experience to others."
Neil, Deputy Head Teacher, East London

Your Facilitator: SAVITRI SRIHARAN

Savitri Sriharan developed this attunement following a series of high energy, spiritual experiences.

Savitri is a Usui Reiki Master attuning over 500 practitioners over 10 years. Over this time, she has become aware of the rapidly changing energy state of herself, her practitioners and the world. The new paradigm of energy work has shown Savitri that we are capable of making changes to ourselves in minutes that would have previously taken months.

Savitri runs a charity, Helping Hands for Underprivileged, which helps to empower children in India to break the poverty cycle. This charity also has a compassionate and new approach to helping others, where empowerment is key. For more information please visit for this worthwhile cause.

Savitri holds workshops and consultations, for more information please contact her on: [masked]