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Living Light: Embodying Sacred Love - Vaz

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A sacred experience of connecting to Source and accessing your eternal pool of unconditional love and acceptance of your beautiful Self. Through Exploring Higher Wisdoms, Sacred Visualisation and receiving a Light Grids Transmission.

These are weekly drop in evenings to anchor our spiritual practice, creating a sacred temple for our inner love to emerge, as we align with our Higher Self, Guides and Mother Earth.

We will be integrating the energy of Unconditional Acceptance in our lives through ancient and pioneering spiritual practices. Acceptance brings us into harmony as we recognise we are here to love our Light and our Dark – both are beautiful and an expression of who we are. As we learn to truly love our Self, in this moment, we become empowered, centred, confident, expressive, passionate and free.

We are all now moving at incredible speeds of transformation in our lives and as we move into newer states of consciousness, newer ways of working are being presented to us.

During these evenings, you will experience:

❀ Exploring Higher Wisdoms of 5th Dimensional Unity Consciousness

❀ Connecting to your Higher Self, Guides, Angels, Star Beings through Sacred Visualisation

❀ Learning to channel energies

❀ Light Grids Transmission: Energy Group Realignment, Anchoring new codes

❀ Individual Activations

Light Grids Transmission - Anchoring Love through Light Frequencies Realignment

The transmission works with current frequencies, creating the space for a realignment on a soul level. This involves us lying down for the transmission and receiving the download of energies. The energies will be channelled through various layers, and working with assisted realms of light.

The transmission anchors pure love energy to bring joy, peace and understanding to the densest energies within us. We can now learn through blissful experiences during the Transmission, yet they can also move us deep into huge transformation, as we begin to truly let go of limiting beliefs, patterns and energies - releasing these on a core level. We are also assisted by Lenka and Colette with their wonderful singing throughout the transmission, elevating the energies further.

What can previously take months or even years to process can be brought to awareness within days. During these sessions, the transmission has been developed and we will be using Channeled messages, sound and intention to take this to new levels. There will additionally be activations where each individual will be given a gentle yet profoundly powerful channelled energy realignment through the crown chakra.

You are Beautiful, Timeless, Unique. The entire Universe could not exist without your presence. This is how important you are. Journey with us, as we journey through the heart to awaken our Divinity, remember who we are and access our true nature - Unconditional Love.

Some words from those who have experienced these sessions

"Brilliant! An exceptional evening with an exceptional facilitator. First meditation was very powerful, only to be exceeded by Light Grids energy - amazing - had my wish granted immediately, a lovely bonus :) Vaz. please count me in as a regular :)" - Steve

"A really deep meditation in the first part, and the light grid meditation felt exhilarating and I came away feeling wonderful, on a high even" - Chris

"It was a most beautiful experience of being immersed into light & love. Thank you Vaz, higher light beings and the group, I am enjoying the happiness and more able to reflect off the darkness. Love to all, Bx" - Bilber

*20 Yoga Mats Provided - Please comment below if you would like one. For all others, please bring a Yoga Mat and/or Cushion! If you would like to pay in cash please comment below or drop me an email and we will add you on :)

**Venue Location - Please follow this link for details on how to get to the venue: Columbia Hotel Venue (

Vaz Sriharan

I currently work as an intuitive channel, Reiki Master, Light Grids Practitioner (via Damien Wynne, Austria 2012). I emerged from many years of depression through writing, leading to the spontaneous channelling of higher philosophies of love, which I now use as the foundation of everything I do. Today I work assisting others to see the eternal beauty and divinity within them.

I am passionate about working from the heart, the shift in consciousness and our divine roles for this sacred time. I work with ascension guides and predominantly with Planetary, Lemurian and Star energies. I have a deep love for Gaia and have travelled to many of the planet's sacred power spots, including Mount Shasta, Cuzco, Chichen Itza, Sedona, Kauai, Ojai, Tara, Glastonbury, Byron Bay, Koh Phangan, energies of which I use in all my work.

Founder and Director of the London College of Spirituality and author of Infinite Being. For free articles on spiritual growth, please visit:

Blessings and Love on your sacred journey