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Embracing Your Dark Side - Aang, Lidija, Vaz

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A powerful and fun experience of accepting your Dark Side (negative emotions, beliefs, self-criticism) and deeply releasing repressed emotions through a series of shamanic and channeled spiritual rituals and ceremonies - transmuting your Dark Side into your greatest Power and Strength.

In life and often in spirituality we are taught to focus on the light and positive aspects of ourselves, and ignore the dark. The dark is a crucial aspect of who we are, just as the night follows the day, it is integral to our Being on this planet. We are the Light and the Dark.

*Prepay to Reserve your spot. Currently 22 spots available for reservation. All unreserved spots will go on first come first served basis on the day of the workshop.

Our beautiful dark represents the aspects of ourselves we are not conscious of, or have repressed. They are the parts that require love, our love, in order to be seen. As we grow up, all the aspects we deem to be negative or we do not want to deal with are repressed and put aside. And this becomes our shadow.

Consequently as a result of ignoring this part of us, we manifest our shadow in our life so we can bring it to our attention. Whatever we have experienced in our lives: repetition of core issues, hearing that critical voice in our minds, depression, anxiety are all symbolic of us not acknowledging our dark side. As we embrace and release these aspects of ourselves, they become our greatest strengths.

Workshop Outline

Using ceremonial release work we will journey into the Dark Side with the eternal river of unconditional love and acceptance within us to integrate our Light and Dark.

❀ Discovering Your Dark - What is Your Dark?: Uncovering Your Dark and understanding its impact on your life. Ceremonial Ritual to acknowledge our Dark Side

❀ Expressing Your Dark Side - Deep Release through ecstatic movement, dance and vocal expression. This movement will allow us to physically release these emotions, beliefs from our cells, our bodies as we dance it out. This is a large part of the afternoon as we move aligned with powerful spiritual intentions. Dance it out for yourself, dance it out for humanity!

❀ Integrating and Celebrating Our Dark Side: Accepting, Transmuting your Dark into Strength and Inner Power. Community bonding, celebration of who we are.

You are an incredible Being, all of you! We are here to love all aspects unconditionally. Free Yourself, Love Yourself <3

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"This was a fantastic workshop. Everything Aang said really resonated with me. He was a wonderful facilitator, and truly cared about giving each of us the help that we needed to really start to feel the energy within and around us during the meditations" ~ Denise Hobin

"Wonderful evening with beautiful energies and a warm facilitator in Lidija. Great platform to share with like minded people. Feeling a strong sense of togetherness. Simply beautiful, I am very grateful xx" ~ Gwen

"Brilliant! An exceptional evening with an exceptional facilitator. First meditation was very powerful, only to be exceeded by Light Grids energy - amazing - had my wish granted immediately, a lovely bonus :) Vaz, please count me in as a regular :)" - Steve


Vaz Sriharan is a Intuitive Channel, Reiki Master, Light Grids Practitioner, passionate about working from the heart, and learning to love and accept all parts of our Self. Vaz works with ascension guides and predominantly with Planetary, Lemurian and Star energies. He has have a deep love for Gaia and have travelled to many of the planet's sacred power spots. Founder of London College of Spirituality

Aang Aakha is an Intuitive Energy Healer, Angelic Reiki Master, working with Star System energies. Certified Theta Practitioner and facilitating Workshops offering Meditations, Attunements, Healings and Energy Work. Aang is primarily focused on discovering the nature of his reality and assisting others to live in their heart. Manager at London College of Spirituality

Lidija Ablamska is an Intuitive, Healer, Facilitator working to empower and heal, through the Angelic realms and Gaia. She is passionate about helping people see their Light, uncover their inner potential and live their passion. Lidija combines her earthiness with her ability to channel very high energies – providing many grounded, practical tools and techniques for being human on this planet. Manager at London College of Spirituality