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Inner Light: Journey of Empowerment (New Moon) ~ Lidija

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Experiential weekly drop-in classes where we explore and develop our innate spiritual gifts of Intuition, Psychic abilities, Healing and Creation and learn how to apply them in life for a more independent, loving and empowered living!

Re-discover your True Divine Essence and the Beautiful and Powerful Being that You Are! :) Connect with your Inner Light and extend it into all aspects of your life!

*This week's class will include working with the Super New Moon energies of Jan 30th - powerful time for sending out intentions, desires to the Universe for blessing & manifestation

You are an incredible Being with many wonderful gifts and talents waiting to be uncovered. You hold the key within you to all the wisdom, knowledge and guidance you require to live a happy life. And there is the whole new world out there waiting to be explored and enjoyed by you! :)

On the Evening

We follow a process of relaxation, exploration & practical exercises, activating meditation, each class covering a different topic. You will experience:

❀ Exploration of Universal Laws, Wisdoms, Energies, different Perspectives to expand your understanding of life, the world and beyond

❀ Experiential Exercises and Meditative Techniques to uncover and develop your innate gifts

❀ Learning practical Spiritual Tools & Techniques to use in your life

❀ Guided Activating Meditation - higher energy transmission to help you anchor new understandings and energies, activating and uplifting you.

We will be opening up to exploring, learning and experiencing all aspects of our reality going beyond physical and logical and learning to see, live and create from the Heart. Opening ourselves to the True Magic of Life, our Divine Essence and our interconnectedness with all living beings, nature and the Universe.

And, of course, having a fun and joyful time in company of other like-minded souls! :)

By choosing path of Empowerment you choose to walk the path of the Heart, Love and joyous Fulfillment inspiring others to do the same :)

*Payment - you can pay online or on the door; please read our Refund & Cancellation Policy ( for classes before paying.


"Thank you for this insightful time, a blessing to have re-focused my energy into meditation." ~ Richard

"Such a wonderful bunch of people! It made me very happy!!" ~ Hanna

"Thank you, thank you! It was a privilege to meet you and to gain from your experience and wisdom, your beauty and your talent. It felt like a spiritual homecoming for me" ~ Rupert

"Wonderful evening with beautiful energies and a warm facilitator in Lidija. Great platform to share with like minded people. Feeling a strong sense of togetherness. Simply beautiful, I am very grateful xx" ~ Gwen

"Lidija exudes such warmth and heart through her sharing. I was walking on air when I left." ~ Sonia


Lidija is an Intuitive, Healer, Manager and Facilitator at the London College of Spirituality, holding classes, workshops, retreats and private consultations to empower and heal, working with the Angelic realms and Gaia. She is passionate about helping people see their Light, uncover their inner potential and live their passion. She also loves Nature and the Environment and works to rekindle our divine connection to Mother Earth.

Lidija combines her earthiness with her ability to channel very high energies – providing many grounded, practical tools and techniques for being human on this planet, whilst connecting to a pure place for healing and loving guidance.

After a rapid spiritual awakening and series of powerful experiences Lidija left her corporate job and devoted her time to exploration of spirituality and helping others on their path of awakening, growth and empowerment. She has completed courses in Pranic and Metatronic Healing, Psychic Development and Energy Management, and was a part of creative team for The Inner Revolution Book (

email: [masked]

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