Open to Magic: Mt Shasta Vortex Adventure

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Come to experience the Magic of Mt Shasta, and make life-long friends with this Community-based vortex adventure!


Held at Lake Siskiyou, Mt Shasta, California – led by heart-centered ascension guides Vaz Sriharan & Adya Nova and their fun loving other worldly buddies! 🙂

Open to Magic: Mt Shasta Vortex Adventure is a hybrid between a retreat and vortex exploration – so you can have the best of both worlds.

This unique space is for you to joyfully open to the Magic in life – from healing, inner love to tapping into unseen abilities, expanding your light body and strengthening your higher consciousness & connection to Source.

It's going to be a fun adventure with your Tribe! Leave Radiant, with your Soul fulfilled, Luminous, a feeling of Joy, Expansion, Peace, Love, connection to the Earth, the Universe… with an exquisitely open Heart!

Vaz & Adya work very intuitively, daily tuning into the group energy to provide the most authentic, loving and soul nourishing experience.

Come to explore the higher & multidimensional realms, and the very Earthly human realms through:

❀ Meditation to still your Mind, Body, Soul
❀ Multidimensional Transmissions to connect with Spirit, your Guides, ❀ Higher Self, Ascended Beings, Lemuria & Telos, Star Family
❀ Creative Playshops to channel your intuition & inner child
❀ Movement Medicine to move energies through the body
❀ Hiking to explore the stunning scenery that Mt Shasta and the surrounding areas have to offer
❀ Soul Connection Games, Dance, Play, Joy, Laughter, Camp Fires
❀ Music to powerfully stir your Soul
❀ Celebration … of Life!


“The facilitators are the most heart centred people and welcome you so warmly and guide and support you throughout this incredible journey. The itinerary is fantastic, visiting some amazing sacred sites, as well as meditations, transmissions, campfires, star gazing, healing circles, plus so many more amazing things to see and do. But there is also plenty of time to just be, to sit still and look in awe at the majestic beauty of Mt Shasta.” – Sam, 2016 & 2018 participant