Meaning, Trauma & Big Pharma: A Day on Wellbeing

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​Meaning, Trauma & Big Pharma: A full day of talks exploring the hottest issues in mental health today.

{This is an independently run event by The Weekend University. LCS is acting as an advertising body only}

**Please note: his is a ticketed event. RSVP on meetup will not get access on the day.**

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How do traumatic events in early life affect you in later years? And how can you best heal from them?

Why, without solid scientific justification, has the number of mental disorders risen from 106 in the 1960s, to around 370 today? Who benefits from this?

What does the latest psychological research reveal about the link between meaning in life and emotional wellbeing?

These are just some of the topics the speakers will discuss at The Weekend University this month.

In this series of talks, you’ll learn:

- The Psychology of Trauma - Do you still need your psychiatric diagnosis? Or should we be asking not: “What is wrong with you?” but rather: “What has happened to you?”

- Big Pharma & Psychiatry: Exposed - why psychiatry is such big business, and why, on the whole, it may be doing more harm than good

- Meaning & Mental Health - the real causes of the largest mental health crisis in human history, and how meaning-centred approaches may offer a solution.

You’ll learn how these insights can benefit your own life, but also your ability to help others, too.

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**Please note: this is a ticketed event. RSVP on meetup will not get access on the day.**​

{This is an independent event by an external organisation, advertising through LCS. For all enquiries please contact The Weekend University through the above link}