Open to Channel Retreat, with Divine I AM Training - Vaz & Adya @ Mt Shasta

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Open to Channel
Divine I AM Transmission Training
Mt Shasta, California, USA
11th May - 17th May 2020

❀ Divine I AM Transmission Training, with Certification
❀ Channelling & Intuitive Development with your Soul & Higher Self
❀ Community Magic
❀ Ascension Upgrades
❀ Cacao Ceremony & Soul Connections
❀ Galactic, Lemurian Transmissions & Activations


Join us as we take a Sacred Journey to Mt Shasta, California, one of the most powerful energy vortexes in the world.

Mt Shasta is a multidimensional portal creating a unique bubble of heightened reality, where the veil between the realms are thin enough for profound spiritual experiences to occur. It is as they say, where Heaven meets Earth. Here you will receive the activated Attunements to Channel the Divine I AM Transmissions from the Crystalline Planetary Light Grids (read more on website through link). Additionally our Intuitive & Channelling Development is open to all - to channel your natural Intuition.

Following the Divine I AM attunements, you will be in a super receptive field to work with your Soul & Higher Self in the natural way that has always belonged to you. This is open to everyone - as everyone can Channel, through writing, voice, art, and more. We work with creating a safe, strong and heart centered space - held by the crystalline light grids and Ascended planetary guides in assisting you to tap into your natural inner guidance. Additionally explore the beautiful land of Shasta, guided by well travelled facilitators, taking groups to the mountain since 2011. Assisting you to go deeply into Shasta's energetic template... immediately.

Vaz Sriharan & Adya Nova will be leading a group of beautiful souls ~ including You! ~ through a magical journey of spiritual discovery. They devote their lives to embodying the spiritual experience, to meet one another on a soul heart level and bring the Magic here.