Lightbody & Higher Self Activations - Vaz Sriharan & Adya Nova

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These are advanced activations working with the Lightbody specifically for those who are seeking to commit deeper to their Spiritual Development.

During these Lightbody Activations we will be journeying up through the 6th, 7th and 8th Realms and Dimensions of Higher Love, to work with Soul Release, Soul Contracts, Soul Blueprints and Soul Love. Culminating at the Monad level of Divine Experience.

This powerful and incredibly beautiful work has been channeled through Beings of Light whose Soul Purpose is Planetary Ascension. This work is destined for those wishing to work more directly and interactively with higher energies, advance their spiritual growth, expand their consciousness and embody higher states of being. This is open to those wishing to take the next step and anyone who hears the call ♥

The LightBody is our pathway to Source, the more we connect and acknowledge the Lightbodies, the greater the illumination and connection into the higher realms. Activations work on a very high level in our consciousness, awakening deep inner wisdom, higher energy centres and allowing us access to divine frequencies of love. Here we will be working collectively to align with the most current energies of the Ascension, as we move up through the Dimensions to the Monad level of Consciousness

During this experience you will open up to :

❀ Evolve your Consciousness by dissolving core rooted issues through much lighter processes - through Light Body activations & Sacred Geometry

❀ Journey into the Higher Realms and Spheres of Divine Love, working with the Ascended Masters, Star Guides, Ascension Guides for Soul Growth and Expansion

❀ Receive a powerful Soul Attunement unique to each individual for Inner Alignment

Experience your beautiful radiant Inner Self, as you truly are in a powerful sacred, safe and deeply loving environment with Soul Family!
*Please bring a Yoga Mat if you have one and choose to experience some of this lying down - it is not necessary and there will be chairs provided :)



"Thank you for the second wonderful workshop on past lives. You have both come along in a very synchronised time of my life, when I was wishing someone would hold my hand and help me heal these deep wounds and patterns. I truly knew the meaning of light workers after sharing space with you both. Thank you for holding such a beautiful safe space and being a deeper catalyst for my healing, whilst evolving the conversations on topics dear to my heart" ~ Cheryl


Adya is an Intuitive Channel, Visionary Artist, Energy Healer (Reiki Master and Divine I AM Transmission Facilitator) and Mentor.
She works with the mystical nature of Source energy and metaphysical aspects of reality. Adya acts as a guide and a catalyst assisting people towards their spiritual path and evolution.


Vaz works as an Intuitive Channel and has been open to spirit since a child and also emerged from many years of depression through spiritual growth. Vaz has a background as a Cityworker and has trained in Transpersonal Psychotherapy & Person Centered Psychology. Today Vaz trains Lightworkers to discover their Purpose and deliver it to the world.

Founder of the London College of Spirituality, Divine I AM Transmissions, Reiki Master and author of Infinite Being.