LionsGate 88: Higher Consciousness Downloads - Vaz & Adya

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The Lions Gate 888 symbolises when the star Sirius (often seen throughout history as Earth’s Second Sun) lines up with the Earth and the Galactic Center. It is also when Sirius is said to be at its closet to Earth and lines up directly with the pyramids go Giza.

The Gateway occurs in the zodiac sign of Leo, hence the name: Lions Gateway. The period lasts 8th to 12th August

The Gateway symbolises essentially an opening of immense Ascension codes. These are higher frequencies of light, coding that Sirius channels through its system to offer us a Great Awakening. Many see the Lions Gateway as our spiritual New Year or New Cycle.

It is a brilliant opportunity to set intentions for the new cycle and to consciously embrace a higher octave of your destiny.

Outline of Experience

INTENTION SETTING: What do you want to bring more of into your life? Here we radiate this out to the Universe through an Intention Ceremony. An energetic space will be created to focus the infinite power of your consciousness into reality, allowing for miracles to become manifest in your life.

HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS DOWNLOADS: We will be working today to receive higher consciousness downloads in a light and beautiful way. These are higher light frequencies to serve our Gateway into a New Year - amplified with the group and offer us guidance, growth, awakening, inner peace, love. Additionally we will be channelling these energies to bless all the intentions of the evening.

To close we will assist the planetary evolution by channelling energies into the Earth and Humanity.

Join us for a beautiful sacred evening of connection!

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"Dear Vaz and Adya, it's hard to put into words what I felt but it was incredibly powerful - I felt very connected. Thank you both so much 💕💕"

"The transmission was amazing, WOW! The Energy was so strong and powerful, very strong connection with you and the group!! Beautiful experience!!! I am so happy that I could make it!! Thank you!!! :) Warm blessings xxx"

"Adya and Vaz thanks so much for the transmission. I really wasn't sure how it was going to work at first, but I TRUSTed and just relaxed into it. And wow. I could actually physically feel the little vibrations all over my body. We were both exhausted the whole day afterwards but also really tranquil and in harmony with each other. Thank you both 💖💖💖"


Adya is an Intuitive Channel, Visionary Artist, Energy Healer (Reiki Master and Divine I AM Transmission Facilitator) and Mentor.
She works with the mystical nature of Source energy and metaphysical aspects of reality. Adya acts as a guide and a catalyst assisting people towards their spiritual path and evolution.


Vaz works as an Intuitive Channel and has been open to spirit since a child and also emerged from many years of depression through spiritual growth. Vaz has a background as a Cityworker and has trained in Transpersonal Psychotherapy & Person Centered Psychology. Today Vaz trains Lightworkers to discover their Purpose and deliver it to the world.

Founder of the London College of Spirituality, Divine I AM Transmissions, Reiki Master and author of Infinite Being.