RETURN TO LOVE Retreat 2020 - Vaz Sriharan & Adya Nova

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Return to Love
Mt Shasta, California, USA
19th - 23rd September 2020

❀ Open your Heart to Love & Joy
❀ Activate Soul Codes
❀ Re-awaken your Lemurian Heritage
❀ Creativity & Music
❀ Vortex Excursions
❀ Community Magic


Join us as we take a Sacred Journey to Mt Shasta, California, one of the most powerful energy vortexes in the world.

Mt Shasta is a multidimensional portal creating a unique bubble of heightened reality, where the veil between the realms are thin enough for profound spiritual experiences to occur. It is as they say, where Heaven meets Earth.

Return to Love is about reconnecting with the Heart and the ancient Lemurian ways. Tapping into the wisdom and sacredness as well as the joy, play and creativity!

This is a community retreat where we share, bond and connect with each other, with Spirit and the land to remember the love and purity that resides within our hearts, breaking down barriers to love and remembering our true nature.

Through beautiful spiritual journeying, creative expression, cacao ceremonies, music and soul connections we return back to our Divine essence and to the magnificent vibration of the Heart ... which is profoundly energising, uplifting and revitalising!

Additionally explore the beautiful land of Shasta, guided by Vaz & Adya who has been taking groups to the mountain since 2011. Assisting you to go deeply into Shasta's energetic template... immediately.