2020: Higher Consciousness Downloads - Vaz Sriharan


An evening of energy visualisation, activation & prayer to Seed your Intentions. Raise, Harmonise & Center your vibration with the opportunities of 2020. As we do this, we become receptive to the miracles, synchronicities and opportunities that are offered by our Higher Selves.

This is a powerful experiential evening open to all, regardless of spiritual development/knowledge.

Outline of Experience

SACRED PRAYER & CEREMONY - Energetically closing the Cycle of 2019: As we approach the end of a cycle, we have a wonderful opportunity to offer our gratitude for what we have experienced. The Winter represents Reflection - a time to say Thank You for all the lessons and to energetically close off all stories and cycles with people & situations through Group Ceremony & Prayer.

2020 HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS DOWNLOADS: We will be working today to receive higher consciousness downloads to open up to 2020 in a light and beautiful way. What does 2020 have in offer for you? How can you be the most receptive to what your Soul / Higher Self has in store? The channelled energies in this download offer us guidance, growth, awakening, inner peace, love, miracles, synchronicity.

CHANTING: Closing the Evening with Chanting allows all the energies to travel through the body and integrate deeply.

To close we will assist the planetary evolution by channelling energies into the Earth and Humanity.

Join us for a beautiful sacred evening of connection!

£12 Early Bird (with Eventbrite Fees) | £15 Advance | £18 on Door
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"Thank you Vaz, for sharing this very special time with us - for creating such a powerful and beautiful sacred space. Love & Gratitude. x"

"This was my first meet up with the London College of Spirituality - what a great experience, many thanks!"

"Wonderful evening. I was flying :) Thank you Vaz x"

"Loved setting and sealing intentions. Loved the energy visualisations ✨Thanks Vaz"

"So inspired and uplifted! Thank you Vaz for leading the way. xbx"

"Amazing experience! Felt great enrgy... Thank you very much ♡"

"Beautiful peaceful evening. Thank you"


I work as an Intuitive Channel, continuously evolving my connection through inner spiritual development, growth and exploration. I have been open to spirit since a child and also emerged from many years of depression through spiritual growth.

I have been working with, exploring and practicing energy healing all my life and am passionate about continuously evolving the way we work. I have a deep love for Gaia, having travelled to and lived in many of the planet's sacred power spots, energies of which I use in all my work.

Founder of Divine I AM Transmissions, Usui & Tera Mai Reiki Master, Light Grids Practitioner. Background in Transpersonal Psychotherapy. Founder of the London College of Spirituality and author of Infinite Being www.vazsriharan.com (http://www.vazsriharan.com/)

Blessings and Love on your sacred journey