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THIS IS A TICKETED EVENT- TICKETS ARE £38.32- Please do not say yes to this Meetup until you have bought your ticket, as the event may sell out. Please note that if you do not give a reservation number when RSVPing I will assume that you do not have a ticket and not include you in the seating plan that I give to the venue. Thank you for your co-operation with this :) Greedy Khao Presents: A-harn Chao Wang (Thai Palace Food) Super excited to have these guys cook at 10 Cable St! In recent years, London's 'nu-Thai' movement has introduced the capital to some of Thailand's lesser-known regional cuisines. In particular, the punchy dishes of the North Eastern (Issarn) region have created a buzz among London's finest foodies and critics, who have ravenously welcomed the departure from the type of Thai food that has dominated UK since the 1990's. The food itself is often not very traditional, and in many cases has been adapted to appeal to the UK's renowned love of flavours that lie on the... blander end of the spectrum. So, for this supper club, we want to demonstrate a selection of dishes - both familiar and obscure - that showcase true A-harn Chao Wang culinary traditions and values, using Greedy Khao's plant-based approach. In contrast to the often-spicy and heavily-salted notes of Issarn cuisine, the defining characteristic of A-harn Chao Wang is that it is not dominated by spicy, salty, sweet, sour or umami. Instead, it relies on the delicate interplay of all these fundamental human taste categories to create a spread of flavours and textures that Thai's refer to as 'glom-glom' - perfectly balanced, and wickedly addictive. Greedy Khao invite you to enjoy a four-course feast in celebration of A-harn Chao Wang dining. We've removed the traditional dress, the traditional music, the traditionally carved veg, and all these other distractions to bring the focus firmly back where it belongs - on the food itself. -------------------------------------------------------------- Appetiser Chud-Aaharn-Wang-Boran - A Royal platter of crispy fried snacks with Thai rose dip and ajaad relish. - Pra-tud-lom - Golden Firecracker - Dtung-ngern - Money Bag - Kang-kao-pueak - Taro Bat Moo-sarong - Pig in a Basket Main One Khnom-Jeen Sao Nahm - Rice vermicelli with coconut broth, fresh pineapples, toasted coconut flakes, shredded ginger, sliced garlic, lightly pickled bird’s eye chilli in vegan fish sauce, lime wedge Main Two Khao-mun-som-tum - A traditional Royal sum rub (meal set) where each component is carefully curated in order to bring different - but complementary - flavour-profiles and textures to the spread. - Khao-mun-dok-anchan - Butterfly pea infused rice cooked in coconut cream, topped with crispy shallots - Som-tum-thai - A version of the classic spicy papaya salad that is only served as part of khao-mun-som-tum - Gaeng-phed-'gai' - Decadent red curry with tender chik'n, apple aubergines, pea aubergines, kaffir limes leaves and sweet basil - 'Moo'-whan-foi - Shredded and candied mushroom Dessert Khnom-Tago - A traditional - and extremely moreish - Thai dessert made with sweet pandan and rich coconut cream ………………………………………………….. Doors open at 7 pm* and eating will start at 7:30. If you arrive early there are a couple of bars you could go and check out below! Wiltons Music Hall Simmons bar ( We now offer a discount for over 65's! Email us to take up on this offer! : ) As usual, if you book separately with your friends please let us know in advance so we can organise for you to sit together : ) And don't be afraid to come alone! Please get in touch with any other questions : )

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